How Much Data Does Hearthstone Use

Hearthstone, formerly Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is an amazing free-to-play online game that you can enjoy on Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android or macOS. As it is the case with any online game available on mobile, it is fair to be concerned about how much data the game consumes when you play on mobile.

Understanding How Hearthstone Uses Data

Hearthstone is your typical client-server game that just uploads pure values to the online server. All the cards and the graphics you see when playing the game are on your mobile app and you’ll never spend data transmitting heavy media files unless you are doing an update.

What you will be downloading from or uploading to the server is all text data. This means that you have nothing to worry about data wise.

how much data does hearthstone heroes of warcraft consume

How much data does Hearthstone use? Well. It’s mere Kbs. You can spend around 150kb for a 15-minute game. This is almost negligible bearing in mind that checking your Instagram feed or downloading a simple picture on your favorite chat platform consumes anywhere between 4mb and 15mb.

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Typical Hearthstone data consumption will be:

  • 3Kb when you launch the game and it’s login your account data
  • 150kbs for sustained 15 minutes of the game

The only time you’ll spend more data on the game is when you download patches and updates as these contain bulky code and media files. Always ensure that you download your game updates when hooked up to a wireless or unmetered network. Nonetheless, be ready for game lags if your game cannot connect when you need it.

Even though Hearthstone is light on data, it is a power angry app. Be ready to charge your phone more often. You’ll notice a faster battery drain whenever you launch and play the game. But again, this is expected. It is a game with animations and it handles all logic and math on your device. What do you expect?