Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points: Where to Find All 12 of Them

The true joy of playing an open world game like Horizon Zero Dawn is exploring what the developers put before you and being furious when you can’t access some sections of the open world. This is something we have come to expect of accomplished open world titles like Fallout 4 and even the controversial No Man’s Sky.

Since not every player is willing to explore, open world titles throw in a lot of collectibles at different locations forcing you to walk the virtual world in search of these powerful mods, locations or tools that make the protagonist more efficient.

Identifying all the Vantage Points in Horizon Zero Dawn will give you access to game lore and let you have an idea of how the world was before everything fell to pieces. Even though you can buy maps showing general locations of these pints from a vendor, you will need more than just a map if you are to identify all vantage points.

Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points

  • Air Combat Academy vantage point
  • City of Colorado Springs vantage point
  • Explorer Museum vantage point
  • Bridal Veil Falls vantage point
  • Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheater vantage point
  • Denver Stadium vantage point
  • Eagle Canyon vantage point
  • Lake Powell vantage point
  • Bryce Orbital vantage point
  • Penultimate vantage point
  • King’s Peak vantage point

Here is a quick video showing all the vantage points and what to do to get to them. If you can’t watch, scroll down to go through the descriptive text for each point. The video makes it easier to find the points though.

1. Air Combat Academy Vantage Point

Look for a small group of ruins in the Air Combat Academy and identify the large rock outcrop. Got to the outcrop and check its eastern side to see the vantage point.

2. City of Colorado Springs Vantage Point

Approach the Devil’s Thirst from the southern side and climb the tall building you encounter. Your vantage point is to the west of the building you’ve been climbing.

3. Explorer Museum Vantage Point

You will find this vantage point north of the Devil’s Thirst Bandit camp. There is a small pillar marking the point and the encampment will be behind you when you are up among the rocks.

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4. Bridal Veil Falls Vantage Point

Go southeast from the Daytower that is new the Two-Teeth bandit camp. You will find the path to this vantage point just to the left of the Daytwoer after you leave the Forsaken Village from the east.

5. Sterling-Malkeet Amphitheater Vantage Point

Cross the river from Devil’s Grief and identify the Corrupted Zone. Once there, you will find some steps carved into stone. These will lead you to the vantage point.

6. Denver Stadium Vantage Point

Identify the remnants of the skyscraper over at Devil’s Grief. This will be to the south of the Iron Ring camp. Get into the skyscraper and climb to the top to get the vantage point.horizon dawn zero

7. Monument Valley Vantage Point

Turn your camera to face the Sunstone. Look for a large rock formation in this region. Make your way their (you will have to zipline) to reach the vantage point.

8. Eagle Canyon Vantage Point

Walk the path from the Meridian and go towards the Cut Cliff. There is a path you can climb to the west side of the trail. Go up this path to see your vantage point.

9. Lake Powell Vantage Point

Go to the river that is North of Brightmarket. Once at its banks, go to the tightrope nearby and walk over it to the rock formation which you have to climb to access the vantage point.

10. Bryce Orbital Vantage Point

Walk the path that is to the east of Sunfall towards Maker’s End. Climb the rock formation that is to your left side and walk across the flat area after the rocks. Climb the wall you will find at the end and be ready to take out some enemies atop the wall before you get the vantage point.

11. Penultimate Vantage Point

Walk the wooded area that is to the south of Maker’s End. Once you get to the snow-covered hills, find a rock to your right and there you will see the vantage point.

12. King’s Peak Vantage Point

This will be in the place where you find Stormbird. Once you get there, climb up to see the vantage point and earn an achievement if you have been saving.