Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Location

To the player who is willing to take on the world of Horizon Zero dawn and explore, the game offers a chance at the best armor in the game; the Shield Weave Armor. The side-quest that awards Aloy with this special pre-apocalypse armor called ‘Ancient Armor’ and is rated a level 25 quest but it unlocks in the starting zone if you happen to stumble on it early in the game.

The Shield Weave Armor cannot be modified, but it is the best armor in the game and repels a huge amount of damage before it needs a recharge. It has the added benefit of looking really good while protecting you. To get the armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, however, you have to track down five power cells that are scattered across the world. They are clearly worth finding and in this guide, we detail the locations of all the power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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Power Cell 1: Ruins Location

horizon zero dawn power cell locations

This power cell can be found fairly early in the game. It is located in the original ruins dungeon in Mother’s Embrace. This is where Aloy first finds her focus.

It is impossible to get to the cell as young Aloy. To get to it, you need to complete the prologue and return to the ruins where you got the focus device any time in adulthood. Explore the area until you find a doorway blocked by rock-formations on top of a stairway. Smash through the rocks with your spear and go through the door. On a desk is the first power-cell.

Power Cell 2: All-Mother Location


You will obtain this cell during or after the main story quest ‘The Womb of the Mountain’. After completing ‘The Proving’, Aloy wakes up in a room missing all her gear. Talk to Matriarch Teersa and follow her out the locked door. Next to the door should be an open vent that you need to crawl through to access the room with the second power-cell.

Note that with the two power-cells in your inventory, Aloy can open the first door that leads to the Armor in the bunker at Mother’s Embrace. However, this door leads to a second closed door that requires the additional three power-cells.

Power Cell 3: Maker’s End Location

makers end power cell location

The third power-cell in Horizon Zero Dawn is located at the top of the F.A.S building at ‘Maker’s End’ which Aloy has to scale in the Maker’s End quest. After getting to the conference room near the very end of the mission, you’ll notice climbable rocks due east of the conference table. Scale the rocks to above the doorway and keep climbing to the very top where you’ll find the power-cell.

Power Cell 4: Grave Hoard Location

gravehoard power cell location

During or after the main mission ‘Grave Hoard’, you can head inside the entryway of the ruins and eliminate the foes waiting there. Right past the door with three locking mechanisms, you can find the fourth power cell on the ground and not particularly well-hidden.

Power Cell 5: GAIA Prime Location

gaia prime power cell location

The fifth and final power-cell is located in GAIA Prime. You should try and get this cell during the mission ‘The Mountain That Fell’ while checkpointing is active.  After talking to Sylens in his workshop, climb down the elevator shaft and rappel down into the ruins. Turn left and explore till you find rubble leading up to a cave with purple lights and the fifth power cell.

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With all five power-cells in your inventory, you can head back to Mother’s Embrace and unlock the second locked door, grabbing the best armor in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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