Horizon Zero Dawn Cheat Codes, Cheats & Glitches

Long gone are the nostalgic days of Street Fighter and Grand Theft Auto V where the key combination could give you magical in-game powers. Nowadays, most game developers seem to focus on better graphics and storyline while denying us the chance to use cheat codes or key combinations when playing on a gaming console. Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games weren’t any different when developing Horizon Zero Dawn for PlayStation 4.

There are no Cheat Codes

Horizon Zero Dawn cheats don’t exist. No button combinations will unlock new powers. There aren’t any locked cheats either. Since it is a PS4 game, you can’t also use the famous Cheat Engine to manipulate the game without your own hacks or by loading fabricated Cheat Tables.horizon zero dawn cheats

Horizon Zero Dawn Glitches

There is a couple of glitches you can leverage when not passing time at the different Vantage Points to make the game easier by giving you the illusion of superpowers.

Reload Save to Restore Health and Heavy Weapon Ammo

If you are heading into a heated battle, consider visiting your campfire and saving a clean version of the game. Ensure that your health bar is full and that your heavy weapon is fully reloaded. Loading that save will give your full health and full ammo.

The Floating Glitch

This is the closest you can get to God Mode. The glitch gives you special floating powers letting you ghost over obstacles, enemies and reach otherwise inaccessible areas.

  • Save your game at the campfire
  • Head over to the area you want to float in
  • Look down into the ground and hold the Down button
  • Tap R1 while still holding the Down button
  • Release the Down button and press X

You can now travel anywhere by floating/flying. Use the direction (left stick) to control your motion. The only problem is there is no vertical movement in this mode so you can only use it for reconnaissance as it is hard to interact with the game world this way.

Important Unlockables

Since there are no cheats in the game, you will be better off using unlockables to the fullest. Here are two of my favorite in Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

The Unlimited Fast Travel

You can unlock unlimited fast travel by purchasing a Golden Fast Travel Pack from a merchant in the central market of Meridian. The pack costs 50 metal shards, 1 fox skin, and 10 fatty meat.

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Invincible Shield Weaver Armor

The Shield Weaver armor makes you invincible as it can absorb all types of damage. It, however, needs some time to recharge. Find some cover when it starts flashing red to rejuvenate its powers. To get it, you will need to:

  • Find all five Power Cells and take them to the Ancient Armory bunker (follow Ancient Armory quest to get to the bunker)
  • Finishing the quest unlocks the Shield Weaver armor and gives you the ‘Got the Shield-weaver Outfit’ trophy

You can find all the five power cells at:

  • The ruins Aloy fell into as a child
  • All-Mother
  • GAIA Prime
  • Maker’s End
  • Grave-Hoard

Here is a quick guide on how to get all the power cells.

Horizon Zero Dawn might not have the cheats and hacks you were looking for but it can be fun and bearable if you unlock the invincible Shield Weaver armor. Just remember to take cover every now and then to keep it recharged.