Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Locations

Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn are special dungeons that, once successfully cleared, grant Aloy a myriad of rewards, including the ability to override new machines. This ability is a massive help as it enables Aloy to ride machines as mounts or use them in combat as allies.

Given that these cauldrons grant Aloy such powerful abilities, they are gated behind your own progress; an unlock system with a series of override ability tiers namely:

  • Psi
  • Sigma
  • Rho
  • Xi
  • Zeta

with these tiers granting you increasingly powerful override abilities as you unlock them, giving Aloy the ability to subdue and control more powerful machines.

Once you progress enough to unlock a cauldron, it is then marked as a blue triangle on the map, but are not generally truly revealed until you get near them.

Below is a complete guide of Horizon Zero Dawn’s Cauldrons, their locations, what override unlocks they grant, at what level the cauldron is unlocked and the enemies you need to expect to clear at a cauldron.

Cauldron Sigma Location

couldron sigma horizon zero dawn

The Sigma Cauldron acts like an introductory cauldron and is fairly easy to unlock. It is unlocked at level 8 after talking to Dral at Mother’s Crown and is located quite close to your starting area, just due north of Mother’s Heart and nestled in the side of the mountain. The cauldron is primarily protected by Watchers, though Aloy may have to fight the occasional Shell-Walker, you will also have to solve some basic platforming puzzles before reaching the boss. Cauldron Sigma’s boss machine is a Bellowback and once it is defeated, override the core and unlock Cauldron Sigma granting Aloy the ability to override the following machines:

  • Sawtooth
  • Scrapper
  • Grazer
  • Lancehorn

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Cauldron Rho Location

couldron rho location

This cauldron features moderately harder puzzle platforming and many more Watchers guarding it. Cauldron Rho is situated at Gatelands, due south of Daytower and is unlocked once Aloy reaches level 12. A Snapmaw, some Ravagers, and more Watchers guard the core here. Defeat these foes and override the core to gain the ability to override the following machines:

  • Shell-Walker
  • Snapmaw
  • Longleg
  • Ravager

Cauldron XI Location

couldron xi location

This Cauldron will have you fighting majorly against human cultists rather than machines. Cauldron XI is unlocked once Aloy reaches level 18 and is situated at the southwestern-most part of the map, due south of Meridian. Here you will find an unguarded core which you’ll have to override then defend for two minutes against cultists and machines. Successfully defend the core to get the ability to override the following machines:

  • Glinthawk
  • Stalker
  • Behemoth
  • Bellowbacks

Cauldron Zeta Location

couldron zeta location

Cauldron Zeta is a smaller dungeon with a hidden entrance guarded by a single Redeye Watcher and a sealed primary entrance guarded by watchers. It is unlocked after Aloy reaches level 20 and is located on the northwest corner of the map, southeast of Maker’s End. The Zeta Cauldron features no puzzles, its core is guarded by a single Thunderjaw, usually guarded by Watchers. Defeat these foes and override the core to be granted overrides for the following machines:

  • Rockbreaker
  • Stormbird
  • Thunderjaw

Aloy cannot physically visit the fifth cauldron, Cauldron PSI. Instead, you can override it once you loot the carcass of the defeated Corruptor at the end of the main quest ‘The Womb of the Mountain’.

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You can now override all machines with the cauldrons unlocked in this guide apart from Corruptors and Deathnringers hence changing how you play and enjoy Horizon Zero Dawn.