For Honor PC Cheats Won’t Be Coming Soon – The Latest Patch Says So

After leading the Emperor’s Champion on a quest to quench Apollyon’s war mongering efforts, I couldn’t help but think of the awesome ways I could use For Honor PC Cheats and hacks to make the game more interesting.

Yes, the Blackstone Legion knight’s long sword is lethal, and so is the mighty battle ax wielded by the rowdy Viking Berserkers. But I still feel that there are a couple of fancy moves I could pull only if I could use some cheats to gain an upper hand.

Well, the problem is Ubisoft Montreal, the name behind the title isn’t so interested in serial cheaters like me. The first PC version patch not only irons out popular bugs identified in the first few weeks of the game but also bolsters Easy AntiCheat powers.

For Honor PC Cheats Are On The Way But…

Easy AntiCheat is the software Ubisoft uses to catch or prevent gamers from gaining an upper hand by deploying any For Honor PC cheats.

This means that anyone interested in power up cheats, armor cheats, health codes and perhaps skill boosts will have to wait a while longer before this becomes a reality.

Since it isn’t a multiplayer campaign, I still believe that players should and will be allowed to use cheats at some point in the game. For now, with the game just but weeks old, we should expect the developer to be strict to the extent of banning players just like Blizzard did to Overwatch cheats.

For Honor PC Patch Notes

  • Easy AntiCheat
    • FIXED: Updated the error messaging for certain Easy AntiCheat notifications to make them more user friendly
    • FIXED: Error that was incorrectly blocking some players from entering the game
  • Steam Controller users will no longer be kicked as inactive (AFK) when providing controller input
  • Addressed bugs in the the shutdown process
    • FIXED: game sometimes storing borderless in the options on shutdown
    • FIXED: game still showing in taskbar after pressing x. When clicked you would see a small window without borders that closes shortly after.
  • Addressed several PC startup/full screen bugs
    • FIXED: game starting in window mode when clicking somewhere else during startup
    • FIXED: game switch display mode twice on startup
    • FIXED: game switching to borderless when ALT+ENTER after previous switch to full screen failed
  • Fixed the caching of settings on game minimization
    • FIXED: Incorrect window positions being stored in options when game is minimized
  • A message will now be displayed on BOOT if Intel GPU driver is below min specs