Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Hill Climb Racing 2 Cheats, Tips And Tricks

Hill Climb Racing was a huge smash hit driving game for iOS and Android devices until the much awaited Hill Climb Racing 2 hit the stores. Hill Climb 2 is an addictive driving game which has lots of new tracks for players to climb on and of course you should also expect them to be really hilly where the goal is to not crash the car and win the race.

On Hill Climb Racing 2 you will be going up against from all over the world so you should make sure your vehicle is tuned for some hill climbing and all you need is to learn some Hill Climbing 2 tips and tricks.

Hill Climb 2 cheats will definitely help you dominate the game and on this article to going to learn some Hill Climb racing 2 tips, tricks, and guide to help you get started.

Master the Perfect Start

First Hill Climb Racing 2 tip is, at the beginning of the race you should keep an eye for your RPM, the longer you hold down the gas the higher it will be. If you look closely you will see a little green zone and all you need to do is to keep the needle in the green zone. This is done by holding down gas at the starting point, then letting go. When it gets past the green zone and as the needle drops tap the gas lightly to keep it jumping into the green zone.

Upgrade Your Vehicle

The coins that you earn you need to use them to upgrade your vehicle. Start upgrading your engine to increase speed, your grip to put power on the ground better and suspension for better jumping ability. Don’t upgrade each feature unevenly. You need to keep all your four features evenly to get a combination of speed and control. If you upgrade your engine feature so much ahead you will run into bad situations every single time.

Unlock More Vehicles

You can unlock vehicles by winning races in the cups mode to increase your rank and new vehicles will be unlocked when you have reached Bronze III, Silver I, Silver II, and Gold I and you should then expect more additional vehicles with further updates to the game. More also you can stick with your old vehicle as it has already been upgraded and earn money from adventure and cup mode races.

Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is where you go if you want to experience the old school Hill Climb Racing ‘get as far as you can’. Here the terrain will be rougher hence you will need to work with both the gas and the brake more adeptly to avoid flipping your vehicle over and also conserve gas.

NB: All the upgrades to your vehicle in Cup mode will apply to Adventure mode as well, so the more upgrades, the further you will be able to go.

Proper handling of vehicle jumps

The proper handling of a jump will make or destroy a race. To perform a proper jump you need to use the left pedal and tilt the nose of your vehicle downwards and use the right pedal to tilt the nose of your vehicle upwards and when you are on flat land terrain, the left pedal acts as the brake and the right pedal acts as the gas, so a quick and accurate pedal-switching is needed to succeed.

You need to tilt your vehicle to land as parallel to the surface as possible every time.hill climb racing 2 tips

Using Your Rewards

When you win a race in Hill Climb Racing 2 you will get a box with a reward in it. The boxes require 2 to 8 hours to unlock depending on their rarity. However, you can unlock the common one immediately after watching a free ad

Free gems

In the game, there are free gems which are given generously and they mainly come from the boxes you earn. The rarity of the box is a factor i.e. the rare and more time it takes to unlock the box, the more likely you are to earn gems.

Avoid unnecessary jumps

Sometimes on hilly places you have to avoid making a jump by releasing the gas when going up a hill to try to keeping your tires on the ground on the downhill portion and then gas it back at the top of the hilly road with enough time for the boost to kick in as you start your downhill run. Do this so that you can gain a huge amount of speed going down the hill.

These are the simple Hill Climb racing 2 tips you need to enjoy the game.