How to Accomplish Heroic Actions in Call of Duty WW2

Every real war has its own heroes. We wouldn’t expect any less of Call of Duty: WW2. Set in a realistic World War II environment, it is natural to expect a wide range of heroic actions by our main character as the game goes by.

Since all of the heroic actions are all about going into harm’s way, it is easy to play through the game without netting them all. This guide on how to accomplish all heroic actions in COD WWII will ensure that you know what to do when out there seeking to be part of legend.

Call of Duty WW2 has up to 23 heroic actions you can do. These range from making enemies surrender to dragging allies to safety. Each heroic action is an achievement you can only unlock by doing a set of given tasks.

These tasks appear contextually. Be on the lookout for them when playing the missions so that you don’t miss anything. If you accomplish all the heroic actions, you will earn these trophies:

  • Quarter Given:  Make 4 unique groups of the enemy to surrender
  • Rescuer: Save 10 unique allies pinned down in a struggle
  • I’ve Got You!: Drag 9 unique allies to safety in the battle

The heroic actions are arranged according to missions to make it easier for you to play through all of them.

You can check out the video guide at the very bottom if you don’t fancy reading and screenshots. Remember that you have to look for and listen to exact cues as a trigger to a heroic action. Most of the times, you will uncover these heroics when playing the game for a second or third time since you know what to look for.

Don’t be discouraged if you miss your cue. You can always replay a mission and get your heroics right.

D-Day Heroic Actions (2 Actions)

D-Day gives you access to two heroic actions. They’re both struggle actions and you will have to help an American locked in one-on-one combat to be heroic.

Objective: Clear the Bunkers

heroic acts COD ww2 d-day

Once you are off the beach and into the bunkers, look for an American soldier (Private Ryu) pinned down by a German in the second bunker you enter. Save the American however you like to earn the first heroic action.

Objective: Clear Bunkers

d-day heroic act ww2 cod

The second action in this mission presents itself in the third bunker where another American (Sgt. Gu) is tussling with a German. Save the American to nab your second and last heroic action in COD WW2 D-Day campaign.

Operation Cobra Heroic Actions (3 Actions)

This mission takes you off the beaches into an area with forests, bunkers and fortified locations.

Objective: Reach the AA Gun

cobra ww2 cod heroic act

Your first heroic action will be of the Quarter Given nature since you will have to accept surrender. This will come when you thin out the defense of the few Nazi left to stop your advance across the hayfield. They will surrender when you shoot down enough of them.

Objective: Push Forward With Armor

ww2 call of duty all heroic acts

The second opportunity will come when your tanks clear out the machine guns. Go into the gun tunnels. On the far right, you will see an American struggling with a German. Save the American soldier to earn the second Operation Cobra heroic action.

Objective: Push Forward With Armor

heroic acts in COD ww2

Your last heroic action will be after you take out the Pac38’s and move towards the German trenches. After a brief battle that reduces the ranks, they will offer to surrender. Accept the surrender to finish your third heroic action.

Operation Stronghold Heroic Actions (1 Heroic Action)

Objective: Take the Church

cod heroic actionsStronghold has only one heroic action. It will present itself once the German halftrack comes. One of your platoon members will be hit and go down near a car. Drag him to safety to earn the level’s heroic action and your first contribution to the I’ve Got You jackpot.

Operation S.O. E Heroic Actions (1 Heroic Action)

Objective: Stop the Trainstop the train heroic actions

When you are attacking the Post Office, you will hear an allied soldier yelling for help on the road. Drag the soldier to safety to accomplish the level’s Heroic action.

Operation Liberation Heroic Actions (2 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Assault the Garisson 

liberation COD ww2 heroic acts

This time, you will be fighting alongside the French Resistance to liberate the nation. One of the resistance soldiers will go down near you. It is your responsibility to drag him to safety.

Objective: Clear the Building

heroic acts in call of duty world war II

The second action will present itself when you are taking the second floor of the German resistance’s garrison. Shoot a few of the soldiers you find in the room and the rest will offer to surrender. Accept the surrender to bag your second heroic action of the mission.

Collateral Damage Heroic Actions (3 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Reach the Hotel

heroic acts

As you start the campaign, your squad will come under heavy fire out in the street. One of your fellow soldiers will go down under fire. Drag him behind the car for safety to earn a heroic action

Objective: Reach the Hotel

heroic actions cod ww2The second heroic action will have you save a soldier just after you squeeze past a tight door. The soldier before you will be tussling with a German. Save him for your heroic action.

Objective: Secure the Hotel

heroic actions ww2The third action will be after the staircase, in the lobby. Save the single American soldier struggling against a German soldier for your final heroic action of the mission.

Death Factory Heroic Actions (3 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Defend the Bridge

death factory heroic actionsAs you try to weather the German offensive, you will be pushed back to the far side of the bridge. An allied soldier will go down around this area. Listen for his cry to identify him since he doesn’t always fall in the same place. Drag him to safety to be a hero.

Objective: Eliminate the Sniper

death factory 2 heroic actionsYour next action will be when you’re pinned down by a bunker. A soldier out in the open will be crying for help. Don’t rush to the rescue as a sniper will pick you out. Use a smoke grenade to mask the rescue and earn your badge.

Objective: Capture the Mill

heroic actions capture the millThe last action of this chapter will be saving an American soldier from a German combatant. The chance comes after you regroup with the squad and get orders to clear a farm occupied by Germans. You will find the soldier in dire need of help in the barn.

Hill 493 Heroic Actions (2 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Eliminate MG Gunners

heroic actionsYour first action will be as you try to take the MG nests on top of the ridge. Go to the extreme left as you can. There you will find an injured soldier under fire. Take out the enemy or pop some smoke before dragging the ally to safety.

Objective: Disable the Tank

heroic actions in call of duty world war 2Your second heroic action will be after you place a can of thermite on the tank. Go to the pillbox on the far edge of the map. You will find an American fighting an S.S. trooper. Save your ally to bag another heroic action.

Battle of the Bulge Heroic Actions (2 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Form Up on the Center Line

Pierson will order you into the center line. Immediately after this, a soldier just nearby will be injured. Drag him to safety.

Objective: Rally on Pierson

Once you set up the red smoke to call airstrikes, you will have to make way for the frontline to fight the advancing armor. You should hear cries of help behind you. It will be an American soldier struggling against a German soldier.

Ambush Heroic Actions (2 Heroic Actions)

Objective: Ambush the German Transport

When the ambush is on, you will almost immediately see a casualty on the path below your position. Drag him to safety.

Objective: Reach the Tower

When you make your way to the barracks, the Germans will dig down and hold. At this point, you will see an ally struggling against a Nazi. Save him to earn your heroic action. This is a bit glitchy so it might be harder to nab it.

The Rhine Heroic Actions (2 Heroic Actions)

The top floor of the first tower you attack. Once you take out a few soldiers, the rest will offer to surrender.

The second heroic action will be after you take out the German air support. Rally with Pierson at the mouth of the tunnel. On the way, you will find an American soldier combating a German. Help your ally for the final heroic act.