Here’s Why Bless Online Is Such a Mess So Far

Many people in the West and other regions that recently received the English version of Bless Online were hoping that this will be the savior to the endangered MMO species. 4 days down the line, it is evident that MMO fans have been taken for a ride and Bless Online isn’t the Messiah they’d been hoping for.

But why is a game that has been in circulation in Russia, Korean, Japan and other countries for years having so many problems days after launch? I examined some of the most infuriating things fans are raging about and came up with a quick roundup and to be honest, Neowiz Games owes Founder’s Pack purchasers apology.

These errors are unheard of in a released version of a game that boasts of a triple A price tag

1. The Translations are Wacky

The fact that an English version of the game designed for the West and other English speaking countries was on the way made people stop looking for English patches for the RU or Japan versions of the game thinking they will get better language and focus on other useful Bless Online tips.

This isn’t the case. Everything is poorly done in broken English that is simply infuriating if not confusing. Players have spent more than necessary time trying to pass the training stance thanks to the hilarious translations.

  • To receive your Founders Pack, you have to click on the ‘Gift’ button. This is confusing since you could mistake it for wanting to give your pack to someone
  • You’ve Become Level 5 (what the game tells you when you level up)

The broken English has made it hard to figure out how things ought to be done in the game. For instance, since the game wizard doesn’t clearly teach you how to cast a Fireball, you could spend hours before figuring out that the first chain goes into the first three slots after which you have to press key binds for second and third chains to cast a Fireball.

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2. A Duplication Glitch That Makes It Unfair

Adding a dupe glitch to a game that already levels up fasts leaves you with a title that can be beaten in hours. A duplication glitch that has been repeatedly deployed on Russian, Korean and Japanese versions of the game seems to be working on the English release so far.

The duplication glitch lets players multiply in-game items like Condensed Stones giving them the freedom to level up (to current level 45 max) faster and get +10 gear in just days. This is technically cheating and cheating in multiplayer games is always bad news.

3. The Combat System and Classes Aren’t Ready

The action combat in the North American and European version of the game was supposed to be epic and available to all classes. Right now, only the Berserker class can use the action combat system. Assassin and Mystic classes cannot use tab-targeting through Bless.

A dismayed Redditor questioned Neowiz and the developer said the action combat system is lacking for some classes since the developers were still optimizing it and didn’t want to release substandard features into the game.

4. Character Creation Soft Limitations

Another big reason why people like MMO titles is the freedom to create custom characters. Even though you can create characters on specific servers, the game still soft balances character creation meaning that your attempts to create your favorite character might be thwarted if the Servers feel there is too much of that character type.

The developer also hinted on shutting down character creation in case servers get unstable due to heavy player use.

Here are the Servers accepting custom character creation in Bless Online

North America

  • Tanara
  • Lilyanthes
  • Murabi
  • Chinuwa

European Union

  • Physis
  • Daimon
  • KuatRan
  • Ventus

Right now, we can think of the current Bless Online as an Alpha version. Let’s cut it some slack. We will keep you posted on any improvements made on the game and also give you tutorials, how to’s and guides to make it more interesting. It might be infuriating right now but there is still room for improvement. All isn’t lost. No. Not yet.