Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. How to Defeat the Final Boss

Ninja Theory managed to come up with a puzzle based action game that despite its minimal conversation manages to keep you glued with the constant voices in Senua’s mind. Throwing on a pair of good gaming headphones or a good surround system will let you maximize on the iconic audio but will not teach you how to beat the big boss, Hela.

Hela is the grand goddess whom you should defeat in the final battle of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. Beat, in this case, is a bit questionable. The way to beat Hela is by letting her final minions kill you. You have to time your surrender perfectly else your sacrifice would be in vain.

Your battle against Hela is split into three phases. None of these phases will actually have you fight against the Hela.

  • Fighting against the first wave of minions
  • Fighting against the shadows of bosses you beat earlier on in the game
  • Fighting an endless stream of minions and sacrificing yourself

Before starting the final three missions to fighting the big boss, you will receive a new sword that is powerful enough to kill anything with one calculated strike or a melee move.

hellblade senua's sacrifice how to beat hela

In the first phase, you will have to fight some minions Hela throws at you. This isn’t hard and you can breeze through using normal Hellblade combat tactics.

The next step is more complex as it will involve fighting the shadows of the bosses you beat in earlier sections of the game. The bosses, (The Fire Boss, The Monstrous Wolf and The God of Illusions) will have the same combat moves they had before turning into shadows.

Using focus when fighting the shadow bosses of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will make your work easier as you can deal more damage to the shadows when in focus mode.

The last phase of the final fight is a bit confusing and perhaps overwhelming. Hela will once again hurl and an endless stream of minions at you, minions that you can easily cut down with our new sword. The problem is no you will never kill them all no matter how hard you fight. They will keep on fighting if you don’t know how to beat Hela.

Once you’ve had your share of the fight, you can lower your guard, just stand and let them kill you.

This sounds out of place but it is what the game is all about. It is Senua’s Sacrifice, not Senua’s victory. So it does make some sense after all. Once you are dead, you will see the final cutscene to the PS4 and PC game hence ending your impossible battle against the goddess.

The above is a PC gameplay video to Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice showing the final battle and how to make your way to the final sacrificial scene.