H1Z1 vs DayZ: Which is Better?

Even though PlayerUnknown’s Battleground might be the sensation right now, you can’t talk of multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles without taking about H1Z1 and DayZ. Even though H1Z1 and DayZ has been around for a while now, there’s yet to be a definitive answer to the the H1Z1 vs DayZ battle.h1z1 vs dayz which one is better

Before we roll out the drums of war, it will do us some good to learn the background story behind each game.


  • Multiple spin-offs to choose from
  • Fight against human enemies and zombies too
  • Multiplayer campaigns with team creation
  • Constant pressure and need to finish a challenge in time
  • Available on Windows
  • Multiplayer mode available


  • Just one game with no spin offs
  • More emphasis on fighting zombies
  • You can partner with people but can be best experienced alone
  • More explorative approach. Let’s you survive as you would in a real-life apocalypse
  • Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One
  • Multiplayer mode available

DayZ vs H1Z1 – Deciphering DayZ

DayZ is your classic survival video game that takes place in the fictional open world of Post-Soviet Chernarus. A mysterious plague is turning the population into zombies and all you have on your person is some basic clothes, a rag, and a road flare.dayz vs h1z1

You have to explore the village state and find out what exactly happened as you struggle to survive the unliving who now litters the countryside. As the game progresses, you can gather supplies, weapons (mostly melee weapons) and limited firearms that you can customize to improve your zombie killing capabilities.

Apart from just letting you kill zombies, DayZ focuses on player interaction by giving you in-game voice chat which you can use when in close proximity. You can always fall back to text chat if you don’t want voice chat.

The game lets you choose to be:

  • A hero: willing to help other survivors you come across
  • A bandit: if you’re all about yourself and are willing to do anything to survive

DayZ gives additional real-life challenges

Unlike most survivor games that tend to ignore other real-world survival problems, DayZ will penalize you with cholera or dysentery for ingesting the wrong food or drinking dirty water. Injuries will also lead to blood loss that could eventually lead to death.

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H1Z1 vs DayZ

The first and biggest difference between H1Z1 and DayZ is in the fact that H1Z1 has two flavors. Just Survive and King of the Hill. The two games use the same map set in “Anywhere, USA.” Your zombie apocalypse will be due to the H1N1 virus designated H1Z1.H1Z1 vs DayZ

H1Z1 sets you down in an open world with diverse terrain, buildable, existing structures, zombie and wild animals. Your mission is simple. SURVIVAL.

A notable drift from DayZ’s approach is that H1Z1 is focused on teamwork rather than an all-out PvP mode.

Gathering resources, building shelter or a base and being part of a team is the key to enjoying this game to the fullest.

H1Z1 King of the Hill

King of the hill takes a different approach. It gives you a fast-paced deathmatch approach that uses guns in a fight-to-death game mode. The two most notable modes are:

Battle Royale: You’re dropped in a world and you have to gather weapons, armor, and tools you’ll need to fight your way to a safe zone before a wall of toxic gas catches up. You will have to kill anyone that can’t get to the save zone fast enough.

This puts more urgency to the game denying you that calm explorative feel you will get when playing DayZ (as long as there’s no hoard of zombies bearing down on you)

What is Better DayZ or H1Z1?

Even though both games are survival titles with zombies, their approach to survival is different. If you love a sense of urgency and the adrenaline rush of things about to go wrong, you will find H1Z1 more interesting. However, if you just want to explore the zombie-infested countryside and survive without everything going wrong like it does in Star Trek, you will be better off with DayZ.

I personally prefer DayZ because I find it more realistic and it puts my mind to test more than it forces me to shoot up the area.