Grim Dawn: How to Dual Wield Pistols and Ranged Weapons

Even though Grim Dawn is an Indie ARPG, its Diablo-like look and feel has made it popular among many gamers. The good thing about such a game is the wide range of possibilities. There are so many ways to complete a mission hence increasing the number of times you can explore the Grim Dawn world.

One of the most interesting options, though not so productive, would be dual wielding pistols.

A Grim Dawn dual wield pistols build isn’t necessarily superior or easier to play but it is definitely fun once you master it. You can use cheats and hacks to give you some edge when mastering the art. In this guide, we are going to see how to dual wield pistols in Grim Dawn and explore some of the pistols you can easily use in this awesome game combat configuration.grim dawn dual wield pistols

Dual Wield Pistol Builds

There aren’t many dual wield pistol builds at your disposal in Grim Dawn. The most popular and perhaps easies build is the Occultist/Demo Fire/Chaos damage build. While you might find such guided builds interesting, it is wise to learn the basics of dual wielding builds and knowing what equipment will let you bring them into life.

Here is the equipment that will let you duel  wield in Grim Dawn (one item in the list will give you the powers. Combining multiple items will increase your dual wield efficiency)

  • Gunslinger’s Jacket
  • Marauder’s Ammo Belt
  • Barrelsmith’s Salvo and Crossfire
  • Gunslinger’s Talisman
  • Marauder’s Talisman
  • Plunderer’s Talisman
  • Pyroclasm’s Mark

Gunslinger’s Jacket and The Empowered Variant

The normal Gunslinger’s Jacket gives is rated at 110 Armor. You will require:

  • Physique: 136
  • Level: 20
  • Item Level: 18

To unlock this item. The Gunslinger’s jacket grants you:

  • +14% pierce damage
  • +26 cunning
  • +3% total speed
  • -15 percent cunning requirement for ranged weapons

The skills are the most important additions this Gunslinger’s Jacket brings into the equation. At level one, you will be deadly with a gun or two guns. It will give you the power to dual wield ranged weapons with:

  • +5% critical damage
  • 15% chance of 30
  • Piercing damage
  • +4% offensive ability

The Empowered Variant of the Gunslinger’s jacket gets the same job done only better since it has a higher armor rating (712) and it grants you Level 2 Gunslinger skills. You will need 473 physique, level 65 and an item level of 65 to gain access to this variant.

Marauder’s Ammo Belt, And The Empowered Variant

The Marauder’s Ammo belt is another way to earn the dual wield powers. The belt gives you:

  • 26 armor
  • 12% bleeding resistance
  • +15 percent fire damage
  • +15% cold damage
  • +10 cunning

When dual wielding with this belt on, you can sometimes lay down a devastating salvo of arcane infused ammunition. In addition to this, the belt also grants you skills like:

  • +80% weapon damage
  • 42 burn damage over 3 seconds
  • 10-12 fire damage
  • 10 cold damage
  • 25% slow target effective for 3 seconds

To unlock the belt, you will require physique: 197, Level requirement: 26 and item level: 26.

The alternative is the Empowered Marauder’s belt that gives you more weapon damage, better burn damage, more armor but requires more physique and level bonus to unlock.

Barrelsmith’s Salvo and Crossfire

This is a handgun set that lets you dual wield by firing a salvo from your twin guns or send aimed shots down range with the intent to kill. The skill you will get with the Barrelsmith’s Salvo is Salvo Level 1. It is part of the Brrelsmith’s Twins item set whose slogan is ‘Forged together, fight as one’

You will need :

  • Cunning: 411
  • Level: 68
  • Item level: 65

The Barrelsmith’s Crossfire will also let you fire a barrage from the twin guns, setting down a good amount of suppressive or deadly fire towards the enemy. This comes naturally with the power to dual wield ranged weapons. This gives you almost the same stats to the Salvo skill only that the Crossfire skill focuses on sending more lead downrange. You will need the same requirements to unlock it.

Gunslinger’s, Marauder’s and Plunderer’s Talisman

These talismans aren’t weapons in themselves but they will give you the power to dual wield ranged weapon. You can always deactivate the two-handed technique when you feel that it is not working to your advantage.

Gunslinger’s Talisman

This talisman will give you Level 1 Volley skill. This lets you send a well calculated volley of bullets towards a target. In addition to this, you can use the dual wield or double handed technique on compatible ranged weapons. The talisman belongs to the Devil’s Crossing faction and the unlock requirements are:

  • Required level: 25
  • Item Level: 28


  • 15% Pierce Resistance
  • +8% Total Damage
  • 6-8 Elemental Damage
  • +6% Attack Speed

When dual wielding, you will get:

  • +70% Weapon Damage
  • 16 Physical Damage
  • 10% Chance to be Used
  • 1 Projectile

Marauder’s Talisman

The Marauder’s Talisman will also give you level 1 Volley skill that lets you dual wield and send a strategic volley of bullets towards the enemy. You will have to be at Level 35 and have an item level 25 to gain access to this talisman. When double wielding with it, you will get:

  • +75% Weapon Damage
  • 24 Physical Damage
  • 25% Chance of: 20 Fire Damage, 20 Cold Damage
  • 12% Chance to be Used
  • 1 Projectile

General Marauder’s Talisman Statistics

  • +26% Total Damage
  • +15% Fire Damage
  • +15% Cold Damage
  • 8-14 Elemental Damage
  • +122 Health
  • +7% Attack Speed

Plunderer’s Talisman

The Plunderer’s Talisman sits at the apex of the dual-wielding talismans in Grim Dawn. It will give you level 2 Volley skill and has a generally higher weapon damage. When dual wielding with this talisman, you get:

  • +80% Weapon Damage
  • 35 Physical Damage
  • 33% Chance of: 35 Fire Damage, 35 Cold Damage
  • 15% Chance to be Used
  • 1 Projectile

You will need Level 60 and Item Level 60 to gain access to this powerful talisman

General Statistics

  • +50% Total Damage
  • +25% Fire Damage
  • +25% Cold Damage
  • 12-17 Elemental Damage
  • +200 Health
  • +7% Total Speed

Pyroclasm’s Mark

This is your last avenue to double wielding. It has a whole range of perks attached which makes it very interesting when making your build. The skill you will get from using the Pyroclasm Mark is the level 1 Blazing Fury. This lets you unleash a fury of projectiles from your dual wielded ranged weapons. In this mode, you will have:

  • +115% Weapon Damage
  • 180 Burn Damage Over 2 Seconds (90 Per Second)
  • 106-172 Fire Damage
  • 12% Chance to be Used
  • 8 Meter Explosion Radius
  • 1 Projectile

The Pyroclasm’s Mark has a level requirement of 58 and an item level requirement of 58.

General Statistics

  • 16% Fire Resistance
  • 16% Lightning Resistance
  • +3% to Maximum Fire Resistance
  • +3% to Maximum Lightning Resistance
  • +44% Burn Damage
  • +44% Fire Damage
  • +44% Lightning Damage
  • +44% Electrocute Damage
  • 8-11 Fire Damage
  • +4% Attack Speed
  • +2 to Vindictive Flame
  • +2 to Ulzuin’s Wrath

The Pyroclasm Mark is the sure way to a dual wielding status. You can buy it’s blueprint from the Devil’s Crossing faction vendor when your stats are right and craft it at any blacksmith’s.

Doubling the items that let you dual wield in your possession combines the perks each item brings to your character. The perfect Grim Dawn dual wield pistols build will depend on how you mash up the above items to suit your style of play.