Graveyard Keeper Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Graveyard Keeper Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Since Graveyard Keeper is a game of resources and management, knowing how to get more of any resource in the shortest time possible will always give you an upper hand. While you can do this by using game trainers or the famous Cheat Engine hacks or cheat tables, playing the game to your advantage is always more fulfilling.

Here are the top cheats, tips, and tricks that will give you an upper hand in Graveyard keeper without using any third party tool.

Break All Barrels and Don’t Spent Unnecessarily

Breaking barrels with your sword lets you gather nails and other important resources you will need to build devices further on in the game. If you can break all the initial barrels in the game, you won’t have to buy nails or anything when building the very first devices you need to get the game rolling. You will find:

  • Three barrels in the town, to the Southwest of the tavern
  • Two barrels in the tavern
  • Multiple barrels in the graveyard’s cellar

After gathering everything you can, don’t blow it all on unnecessary expenses. For instance, instead of buying a beer at the tavern, just talk to the tavern owner and he will give you one on the house. Couple this frugality with doing odd jobs like repairing graves and fences that don’t need any resource to fix or clean up graveyards (for instance picking up any sticks littering the yard) and you will make progress without spending so much.

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Work Bodies As Soon As You Get Them

Fresh bodies come with a high percentage. Processing the body (removing the blood, fat and burying it) as soon as possible will ensure that you get the most from it. Don’t work on bodies below 90 percent when starting out. Working on a few high-end corpses will let you graduate and even open a church faster.

Pro Tip: Always upgrade tools whenever you can. Better tools make an efficient Graveyard Keeper

Repair As Much As You Can

Your work as a graveyard keeper is ensuring that the graveyard is in a pristine and appealing condition. Repairing fences, broken gravestones, and wooden crosses will always earn you better returns. This means that you must fabricate your repair kits earlier in the game. Get a sawhorse, a stone cutter, a wooden anvil and a furnace as soon as possible as you will need these to make repairs.

graveyard keeper tips and tricks

Once you repair crosses and stone tombstones, you can replace them to their graves or place them on new graves. Stone tombstones earn you more red XP than wood crosses while clearing vines and bushes in the graveyard earns you more green XP.

Be Choosy if You Can Afford

Choosing the bodies you work on ensures that you get maximum returns on your efforts. For instance, once you start getting five skull bodies, avoid working on bodies with less than 5 white skulls or any red skulls once you process them.

It would be worthless to invest stone or wood on a fence that is at 1.2 out of 2.0. Look for 0 out of 3 or something with a bigger margin to repair.

Always Have One or Two Graves Dug

Bodies deteriorate fast as long as you don’t bury them. You can easily see a 98% body drop down to 90 percent as you dig a grave. Having a grave ready will ensure that you don’t lose so much value since you will drop in the body while it is at its prime.

Getting Money to Start Your Venture

In some cases, you could do with a loan to set your Graveyard on the right path sooner. You can get a loan by talking to the merchant soon after you get some seed and a garden plot. He will grant you a 5 silver loan that you can use to purchase simple iron parts you need early in the game.

Always Sleep at Night

Sleep plays a great role in replenishing your energy just as it does in real life. While you might be tempted to keep working and only sleep when you must, Graveyard Keeper will replenish your energy faster when you sleep at night as opposed to sleeping during the day. Makes sense. Right?

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These tips will go a long way into ensuring that you don’t need cheats or hacks to gain an upper hand in the game. Keep on saving your Savegames at different locations just in case you need them in future or want to share your achievements with other people (Yes, you can share gamesaves.)

The Graveyard Keeper game saves are found at:

C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Lazy Bear Games\Graveyard Keeper

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