Ghost Recon: Wildlands Split Screen Local Co Op

Bolivia. The beautiful South American country that rose to fame not for its lush vegetation and picturesque countryside but for its stature is the world’s largest cocaine producer in the world. Your mission? Crackdown on the vicious Santa Blanca drug cartel before it becomes a global threat.

This is the kind of a game where a strong team made of actual friends, not a glitchy AI, defines victory or defeat. That is why a Ghost Recon Wildlands split screen co-op or online multiplayer will come in handy.

With split screen co op, you can play with your friends from the couch and won’t have to worry about a reliable internet connection or Tom Clancy’s multiplayer servers since everything will take place on your console. This is what interesting co op offline PS4 sleepovers or any offline multiplayer events are built one

Does Ghost Recon Wildlands Support Split Screen?

Even though there is Ghost Recon Wildlands multiplayer, you will need a strong internet connection to link you up to the online servers where you can co-op with up to four players.

The fact that Ghost Recon Wildlands lacks a local on the couch multiplayer with split screens is in tandem with the popular video game trends that have taken a liking to online multiplayer. Online multiplayer not only gives the developer a way to monitor players and root out game cheats but also catch cheats. This is what Overwatch’s Blizzard Entertainment did to identify and block a good number of users using game cheats.

Traditional co op or split screen games could either be achieved through local on one PC or console settings, through LAN Play or a System Link or a hybrid setting that combines local and online. Ghost Recon: Wildlands won’t feature any of these.

Let’s get the Ghost Recon Wildlands co op, 2 player split screen and multiplayer facts right in a nutshell

1. Does Ghost Recon Wildlands have local co op?

No. Ubisoft didn’t build any form of local co op into the game. There is no any form of multiplayer offline campaigns so far. You must always be connected to the Wildlands server to play with or against real humans.

2. Does Ghost Recon Wildlands have split screen?

Since there is no local co op, the answer to this question is almost natural. There is no split screen PS4, split screen Xbox One or for PC in Ghost Recon Wildlands. You cannot split your screen even when playing the online multiplayer campaign.

3. How Can I Play Multiplayer Campaigns on Ghost Recon Wildlands?

As of now, looking for how to split screen on Ghost Recon Wildlands is a waste of time. Perhaps the feature might drop in as a DLC or a fan mod later on but this is highly unlikely.

You  just have to be content with the online co op that puts you in play with up to 4 players. The online co-op has a complete campaign mode and supports drop ins and drop outs as you please.

  • Local co-op: Not supported
  • Online co-op: Up to 4 players
  • Combo co-op (local and online players): Not supported
  • LAN Play or System Link: Not supported

Why Should You Worry About Local Split Screen Setting?

AI isn’t reliable in the Wildlands. You will need real humans you can execute complex maneuver with. Local multiplayer has the benefits of letting you shout to your squad and even keep playing without the internet.

Ghost Recon Wildlands substitutes the lack of a split screen option with a robust multiplayer scene that lets you choose who you want to join your game and banning others from joining. You can still play with random people on those random days. The catch? Everyone on your squad must buy the title and have a reliable internet connection.