Ghost Recon Wildlands HTI Location (Sniper Rifle)

Ghost Recon Wildlands HTI sniper rifle is among one of the best weapons in Ghost Recon Wildlands. The rifle is as lethal as it is versatile and can be used on both opponent vehicles and helicopters. Knowing the sniper rifles in Ghost Recon Wildlands HTI location is, therefore, a great milestone in the game.

Securing the HTI sniper rifle won’t be an easy task since you’ll be under constant fire from enemies. Also, the HTI rifle location in Ghost Recon Wildlands is riddled with obstacles that make the mission a little bit harder.

Finding the HTI Rifle location

HTI locations in Ghost Recon Wildlands are easier to access from a helicopter. Helicopters let you evade ground attacks from ground enemies easily. It is thus recommended to use a helicopter over a ground vehicle when heading to the HTI location. It saves your time and arsenal.

The HTI sniper rifle is located in the Montuyoc Training Base. Fly to the eastern side of Montuyoc using a helicopter.

  • Fly the helicopter as low as possible to easily identify the target
  • Be sure to spot the air defense rockets that guard the place and take them out before it’s too late

After landing, you still have to look for the gun crate. You have to carefully sneak around the Montuyoc Training Base to avoid detection. You can use the mountainous terrain to your advantage as you move towards the gun crate.

ghost recon wildlands hti location sniper rifle

After identifying the Location of HTI in Ghost Recon Wildlands, your mission to get the high range rifle is partly complete.

The remaining challenge is avoiding detection by the watchtower soldiers as you head towards the gun crate.  Use silent takedowns with your knife or hand to hand combat as much as possible. If you must fire a weapon, ensure that it has a suppressor to avoid alerting the enemy of your presence.

Even though you can be lucky to get no guards, there is usually an average of 3 guards. Take them down silently. It would be considerable to use drones in identifying watching over the tower only be warned they will give blurry images.

Now that you have successfully gone through the camp, the last mission is to identify the container with your gun crate. Use the guide map to identify the various structures in the region and the exact gun structure. Besides, survey the environment to gun down possible patrolling elements. Then, move up to the structure and access the crate.

Among the powerful rifles you will find in the crate is the Ghost Recon Wildlands Desert Tech HTI location sniper rifle. Pick the gun and try it out.

HTI location Ghost Recon Wildlands is a breathtaking adventure to most. The rifles are powerful and will always give you an edge over your enemies in both offline story mode and the engaging online multiplayer. The HTI rifle has you covered when your enemies are using road vehicles or helicopters.