How to Get the Splatoon 2 Freshness Bonus

Your freshness rating in Splatoon 2 might sound negligible but it is a very important rating that could affect your rating in every battle you undertake. That number and accompanying word saying Dry or Raw is your Freshness Rating.

But exactly what is this freshness rating?

Well. Freshness in Splatoon 2 is your skill rating in a particular weapon. It is similar to Vibe in Splatoon. Your Freshness Bonus will increase by 1 whenever you win a battle and decrease by a given number when you lose a battle.splatoon 2 freshness bonus

Your losses will depend on your current Freshness rating. The Freshness score is specific to the weapon you are using and will not reset. The changes on the bonus level will only occur when you are in Regular Battles. League Battles and Ranked Battles won’t earn you the points.

When using a gun and you win a match, you will earn .5 points and lose a full point when you lose. If you can hold your own and fill up the Freshness bar during the game, your weapon will rank up and you will see your Freshness Bonus as a huge splash next to your regular points.

The bonus is always a couple thousand points.

To keep track of the highest ever Freshness Rating on each weapon, Splatoon 2 gives you a specific color flag that will be next to your weapon when in the game’s weapon select menu.

Title Score to Reach Score Penalty on Loss Bonus on Reaching Flag Color
Dry 0 -0.5 N/A Grey
Raw 5 -1 3000p Green
Fresh 10 -1.5 4500p Orange
SUPERFRESH! 15 -2 6000p White
SUPERFRESH! 20 -2.5 No bonus
SUPERFRESH! 50 -3 No bonus Gold

It will take you time before you begin acing the freshness bonus. The more you perfect on each weapon the higher your chances of getting the bonus. Fight hard and take time to be good in as many weapons as you can.