10 Best Ways to Get Rupees in Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

One of the frequently asked questions my Legend of Zelda lovers is, “How can I unlock the fairy fountain?”. Most gamers know that to achieve this, they have to have sufficient number of Rupees. This makes stocking up your war chest with Rupees one of the most important tasks in the game. Luckily, there are tons of ways to get your coffers stocked. In this piece, we are going to teach you the different ways to get Rupees in Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild.

1. Gambling

gambling in legend of zelda

Just like the real world, you can generate money through hedging your bets from as low as 10 Rupees up to 100 Rupees. The possible wins can go as high as 300 Rupees (not bad).

This method has problems. For starters, it may take a lot of your time. Then there is the high statistical possibility of (67% chance) of not winning.

Given you need a lot of Rupees to unlock or complete other tasks in your quest, gambling is a definite no-no unless you have some extra coins to spare. Your Rupees are not worth two in the bush.

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2. Bluepee 100 Rupees

bluepee legend of zelda breath of the wild

Bluepee is a gift of nature from Satori Mountain resembling a rabbit. You can’t kill Bluepee, but pinning one guarantees you 100 Rupees. There is no doubt your marksman skills should be on point to reap these rewards.

3. Gut Check Challenge & Super Gut Check Challenge

There are a series of mini-games within the game that reward handsomely. Super Gut Check Challenge offers an equivalent of the maximum possible win gambling(300 Rupees) with each participation. Before embarking on this, you have to successfully pass the Gut Check Challenge(offers 100 Rupees).In short, you get 400 Rupees for one super Gut Check Challenge.

To be successful in these mini-games, you need a lot of stamina for each respective run. There is definitely a lot of climbing in these minigames. Considering the amount of reward against other money finding options, this is an arguably safer bet.

4. Snowling

snow balling botw

if you have patience, skill and some rudimentary scientific knowledge, you can make 300 Rupees easily in this activity. The aim is simple, hit some giant totem poles using a snow boulder. The downside is you need 20 Rupees to get the reward. of 300 Rupees.Not a bad gamble if you have the money, after all, you gain 15 fold your initial investment.

5. Massive Attack

When you carry out a massive attack on a village of Bokoblins the rewards are plenty. First, there is the obvious gain of Rupees. Then there is the valuable treasure chest if you successfully wipe the entire camp. In addition to the monetary gains, there is the benefit of weapons and food which come in handy during your campaign.

6. Trading with Ramella

Although surrounded by hostile females (Gerudo) in the desert, Ramella interacts with you through trade in precious metals. However, her trade rules involve trading in lots of ten precious metals. You will be hardpressed if you cant secure a lot of ten Rupees to facilitate trade. It is important you trade with Ramela given her the high price. She is always willing to pay for precious metals, compared to any other trade you can do in the game.

7. Sale of Monster Parts

kilton monster parts merchantOne of the weirdest ways to make Rupees in the game is the sale of parts of monsters. After snuffing the life out of these creatures, you have two options. One option is selling their corpse while the other is cooking the parts first then selling them. Each choice is determined by your urgency in the game.

Monster parts pay handsomely compared to other rupee generating endeavors. Lizfalos, for instance, offer 28 Rupees foe their tails, 10 for horns and 15 for their talons. Keez and Octocrock eyeballs offer 20 and 25 Rupees respectively.

8. Mining

just like in the real world, mining pays handsomely. The ores mined vary in prices( rarely found diamonds are highly priced at 500 Rupees compared to topaz, ruby, and sapphire that go for 180,210 and 260 Rupees respectively). There are other less valuable minerals that also offer a respectable amount of rupee(Amber 30 Rupees and Opal 60 Rupees). They are usually easily found compared to others.

Mining is fairly easy. You can use a sledgehammer, or weapons to burst open the ores.

You can choose to upgrade your armor or keep them for future trade.

another alternative “mining” is not by actually tampering with the earth crust.It involves beating minibosses-Stone Talus(eight in number in Hyrule). They characteristically drop ores when defeated. Their re-appearance after the blood moon offers another opportunity of “beat-mining”.To be successful at this, you need to have a sledgehammer to execute the task successfully. Apart from gaining the Rupees, you can use the precious metals to upgrade your amour.

9. Sale of Ancient Parts

The game offers an option of selling your ancient parts that you no longer value. It is advisable to do this when you have maxed out your ancient upgrades. The parts sold vary in prices eg a giant ancient core goes for 200 Rupees.

10. Scanning Your Amiibo

There are usually a variety of drops when you scan your Amiibo. This happens once a day. The drops range from Rupees, crates to ingredients. Some of which you can opt to trade in exchange for Rupees.


11. Following the Recipe

Hyrule offers one of the most bizarre ways to make Rupees. Actually, it’s so bizarre that the rewards are so high. You get to follow a pre-determined recipe to reap your rewards.

Arguably Lynel parts offer the best rewards. The combination that yields the highest number of Rupees are four Lynel guts and a tireless frog, which produces an Enduring Elixir. This can be sold at 2,300 Rupees. This is closely followed by 2,250 that can be obtained by selling an Energizing Elixir. An Energizing Elixir is made by bundling together four Lynel guts and a restless cricket. However, if you are not lucky enough, two Lynel hooves, a high tail lizard and towLynel guts will give you a Hasty Elixir. This is worth 1,400 Rupees each.

Hyrule offers a good gaming experience riddled with many tasks. You will definitely be forced to make strategic choices to raise Rupees to accomplish your mission.