How to Get Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games

While everybody loves themselves the latest Triple-A game on the line, it is very hard to chance upon such games without buying an Xbox One or Xbox 360. Microsoft and some retail stores run a couple of promotions that bundle free games with each new console purchase. Well, let’s face it. You can’t buy a new console every other day just to get a free game.

So what are your options if you still have a hankering for free Xbox One free games?

Subscribe to Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Games With Gold is the most reliable and mainstream way to get game packages on discount. Members of this elite club are a guaranteed royalty to Microsoft and you just wouldn’t tell the day Microsoft will be willing to give free games to the members. You, however, have to be serious about games else your subscription will go to waste.

Free Xbox One Game Sites

Some websites have a couple of membership or loyalty programs that give loyal visitors a shot at free Xbox One games [here is one such website]. Such websites will either give the game as a giveback to the audience. Alternatively, it could be a survey or simple tasks websites that will reward you in points.  The points can pay for your games and the fact that it is easy points and no money for the game makes it almost free [here is an example

Stay Loyal to One Store

Loyalty points always count in modern day shopping. If you are shopping at a physical game store, don’t forget your loyalty card. If you buy your games online, stick to a website that earns you points every game you buy.

Your hunt for points shouldn’t just be on game merchandise. Shopping at one supermarket will help you accumulate more point for each product you buy.