How to Get Dark Matter Camo Faster in COD Black Ops 3

If you have been around Call of Duty Black OPS 3 for a while, you might have heard of the different camo you can deploy on your weapons. Gold and diamond camo are the most popular as they are the easiest to attain. Dark matter camo is the ultimate camo achievement and it is really hard to get.

Black matter camo comes when you unlock all the weapon classes and take each weapon to the diamond camo level.

Many COD players rush through the game without even getting all the weapons or unlocking a single achievement. To such, the game is all about the story and getting the mission done regardless of how many bullets you shoot in the process.

Getting camo in COD Black Ops III is all about meticulous precision. The secret to getting your camo fast and easy lies in efficiency.

dark matter camo COD Black Ops 3

You will need 100 headshots, for instance, will get you the gold camo. You can get your gold camo faster by playing multiplayer on Hardcore settings. Hardcore Free for All has a glitchy spawn after your death that will let you spawn near enemies hence giving you the chance to line up a headshot faster.

Here are some general tips that will help improve your aim and increase your chances of getting the headshots you need to get the camo.

  • Tap on the trigger or set your gun to one shot/ burst mode to reduce the effect of the recoil. This will improve your accuracy
  • If you are sneaking on somebody who doesn’t see you, take your time and aim for the head instead of spraying and praying
  • Take a break from the game every now and then to vent any frustration
  • Make use of Quickdraw and Grip to get better control over the recoil
  • Get a Reflex or Elo sight to improve your gun’s accuracy

What Do You Have to Do to Get Dark Matter Camo?

You’ll notice that I began with gold camo. This is so since camo in Black Ops 3 is a gradual achievement.

To get the much coveted dark matter, you will first to get a weapon in every weapon class and then get diamond camo for each weapon.

If you are focusing on sniper rifles, you will have to unlock gold camo for each sniper rifle before getting the diamond camo and moving on to another weapon class.

Before getting started, it’s good to point out the best place to gather your requirements would be playing hardcore free, or hardcore kill confirmed. These are fast paced hardcore modes that give you fast spawns and quick games. You might have to up your game but the sheer number of players increases your chances of finding someone you can kill right.

How to Get Diamond Camo on LMGs

  • 10 revenge kills
  • 100 headshots
  • 50 kills with 5 attachments and an optics
  • 50 kills with no attachment equipped
  • 2 rapid kills five times
  • 5 bloodthirsty medals

The hardest will be getting the 100 headshots. Since you can chain these with the 50 kills with or without attachment, it would be wise to always line up a headshot whenever possible. Grab some good optics to improve your aim and shoot short controlled bursts for better accuracy. Employ maneuvers like the flanking move to get close to your enemies before unleashing the fury.

Getting the Diamond Camo on SMGs

The requirements are similar to LMGs above. The LMG is ideally easier to control hence you might be more accurate if you choose your shots well and exercise some good trigger discipline.

Diamond Camo On Assault Rifles Requirements

Assault rifles are the easiest to earn diamond camo for. The only hard part would be getting the headshots. If you cannot line one up, aim for the torso on full auto and count on the recoil and impact of being shot to ride your aim up to the head. To get diamond camo on assault rifles, you will need:

  • 100 headshots
  • 10 longshots
  • 50 kills with 5 attachments and an optic equipped
  • 50 kills with no attachments equipped
  • 2 rapid kills 5 times
  • 5 bloodthirsty medals

The Diamond Camo on Shotguns

  • 100 one-shot kills
  • 10 revenge kills
  • 50 kills with 5 attachments and an optic equipped
  • 50 kills with no attachments equipped
  • 2 rapid kills 5 times
  • 5 bloodthirsty medals

Shotguns are best when close to the enemies as the pellets will have maximum then. Only bring out the shotgun when in confined places like buildings and tight streets. Ambush the enemies and stalk your prey so that you can shoot at close quarter to get those headshots faster.

Diamond Camo on Handguns and the Knife

First you will have to take each secondary weapon to gold since you need all the pistols on gold before you can take the knife diamond. With the handgun, you must aim for the head to get your kills before you die since handguns tend to be weaker.

The handgun diamond camo requirements are:

  • 100 headshots
  • 10 longshots
  • 50 kills with 5 attachments and an optic equipped
  • 50 kills with no attachments eqipped
  • 50 kills without any perks equipped
  • 2 rapid kills 5 times
  • 5 bloodthirsty medals

To get your camo for the knife, you will need

  • 200 kills
  • 10 backstabber medals
  • 5 survivor medals
  • 5 revenge medals
  • Kill 5 enemies with their own weapons after stabbing them with your knife initially.
  • 5 bloodthirsty medals.

Get as close as possible to get your knife kills. Use concussion grenades or smoke grenades to make your kills easier. To kill the enemy with their own weapon, do a quick stab and pick up their weapon immediately to get it done. This is going to be the hardest challenge so far.

Taking Your Rocket Launchers Diamond

You might have to play solo to get your scorestreaks. Target game modes like kill confirmed or domination for better luck.

  • Destroy 100 scorestreaks
  • Get 10 direct impact kills
  • Destroy 5 scorestreaks in one game
  • Destroy two scorestreaks quickly after each other
  • Destroy 5 talons/cerberuses
  • Destroy 10 turrets (guardian, hardened sentry, power cell)

Dark Matter Camo Glitch

Getting dark matter camo the right way is quite the task. What about just using a glitch to get your score? The thing with glitches is they get repaired whenever a game gets a patch or an update. The fact that COD Black Ops III has been around for ages now means that you don’t have to worry about this.

The glitch involves editing your classes and use gun variants. You can follow the video tutorial below to exploit the Dark Matter Camo glitch.