How to Get Coins Fast in Madden Mobile

Madden NFL Overdrive, popularly known as Madden Mobile is a PvP mobile football game based on the NFL and published by Electronic Arts. It was released in 2014 as an entry in the Madden NFL game series to good public reception and over two million downloads across its iOS and Android platforms.

You earn Madden Mobile coins by completing achievements and leveling up your characters. However, the coins earned are too little to spend on worthwhile packs and other in-game perks.

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This makes the coin earning effort tedious making some players quitting altogether.  The following hacks, tips, and tricks will detail how to get coins fast in Madden Mobile for in-game expenditure;

Method 1; For beginners With Very Little Coins In-Game

This method is perfectly safe and your account is at no risk of being flagged. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Focus on season games and live events and play until you run out stamina. Season games take longer but net you a higher number of coins. This step should earn you 4000 to 10000 coins.
  2. Sell the players on your bench. Chances are, at this point, you do not have great level players. Selling your players at a reasonable price will earn you coins fast, especially if you know how to trade at a profit. A good practice when trading players is to buy and sell players you can use in the team and then you won’t be pressed to sell them too quickly.
  3. Go to the auction house and set your “Buy Now” filter to 101-150 coins. Search for bronze players to buy, the lower priced they are, the better. A good practice is to buy below what you think is the low point.
  4. Navigate to ‘Sets’ then click on the ‘Locker’ tab and choose ‘Bronze Player Trade in’. In this set, drop all the players you do not need on the team, This will award you with a ‘2 Trophy Pack’
  5. Go to the auction house and investigate the current prices for trophies, then sell all the trophies you got in the ‘2 Trophy Pack’. Repeat until you have earned at least 30,000 coins.

After earning at least 30,000 coins, repeat the previous steps except in the Auction House, set your ‘Buy Now’ filter price to at least 400 coins and buy Silver players. If you find all the players sold out, refresh until a new batch eventually drops. Drop all your unneeded players into the ‘Silver Player Trade-in’ and sell all the trophies from the resulting trophy packs. Repeat the steps until you earn at least 60,000 coins.madden mobile get coins fasterWith 60,000 coins, set the ‘Buy Now’ filter in the Auction House to 2000 coins and search for Gold players. If all players are sold out, refresh until a new batch drops. Put all your unneeded players in the ‘Gold Player Trade-in’ and sell all the trophies from the resulting ‘10 Trophy Packs’. Repeat the steps until you earn 200,000 to 300,000 coins.

Method 2:

This method is also safe and would not result in any penalties on your account. It is best suited for players with at least 300,000 in-game coins. You can get a lot of coins faster in Madden Mobile by following the steps below:

  1. Wait for live events, especially ‘Headliners’ and ‘Team of the Week’ events to occur. Complete their respective sets and get a lead on the ‘TOTW Hero’ and the ‘Headliners Hero’ sets.
  2. Buy all the players you do not already own from the ‘TOTW Hero’ and the ‘Headliners Hero’ sets. Put all the players into the respective set to get your rewarded player. Ensure that all the coins you spend buying players will be less than the profit you get from selling the Hero Card.
  3. Sell your rewarded player at a price that is a little lower than his corresponding price at the Auction House.

Method 3:

This safe method involves using the Madden promos to earn coins fast. However, all promotions are different and hence this method should be adapted to your specific Madden Mobile situation. To get the most out of this easy hack, you need already have a lot of coins, ranging from 500,000 to 1 million.

  1. Gold players become easily obtainable through live events and easily completed sets in these promos. Get as many players as you can, as soon as possible.
  2. Sell these players at the price they go for as soon as possible. The prices for these players are higher than those of the average Gold player but the prices drop significantly over a few days.
  3. If you have 500,000 – 1 Million coins, complete the ‘Legend’, ‘Hero’ or ‘Master’ sets.
  4. Sell whatever set you’ve completed soonest possible after completion as the price will decline over time.

Method 4:

This method goes against new terms of service set by Electronic Arts and caught players face the risk of penalties imposed on their accounts and/or temporary bans. It is, however, an easy and popular way to get a lot of coins fast in Madden Mobile and involves a method popularly known as ‘sniping’.

This involves timing a player auction in the Auction House and placing your bid in the very last seconds of the auction, effectively blocking out any other players from outbidding you. This can net the player very expensive cards at very low prices to sell later at a profit.

These easy Madden Mobile hacks will quickly ensure your financial stability in-game, netting you a lot of coins in a short amount of time.