GamePad: The GameKeyboard+ Free Alternative for Android

If you are serious about game hacks and cheat codes, you must have felt the pinch that came with GameKeyboard choosing to go paid. If you aren’t so sure about paying for the ultimate virtual gaming keyboard for Android, you should consider this GamingKeyboard+ free alternative.gamepad-android-gamer-keyboard

GamePad Capabilities

GamePad comes complete with a direction pad, a full keyboard with ESC and Function Keys and the regular alphanumeric keyboard. You can enable GamePad in the Android Settings->Keyboards section to choose GamePad as the input method. Another handy trick that will support games that don’t work with Android Keyboards out of the box is by enabling “Permanent Notification” in GamePad settings. They keyboard will persist on your notification area and you can drag down and use it as you play the game.