Get Free Games With the Xbox Games With Gold

The Microsoft ‘s Xbox Games With Gold is the right counter to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program. Being a member of this elite club will give you access to free games at the Xbox Store. Couple this with the frequent discounts you get on games and you’ll see why being a member will save you some bucks – especially if you are a heavy gamer.

xbox games with gold

How to Get Your Free Xbox Games With Gold

The trick is to log into your console or Xbox Marketplace and ‘purchase’ the free game while the game offer lasts. The fact that Games With Gold is available on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One makes it a mutually inclusive way to get those free titles as long as you have the Xbox.

Xbox Games With Gold offers four free games each month. Traditionally, two games are available for around two weeks. The games will be distributed amongst the two console and Microsoft will sometimes change the roster count as they please.

To qualify, you have to complete the online ‘purchase’ to secure the game. I call it ‘purchase’ since you have to go through the entire purchase procedure only that the price will be $0. You don’t have to download the game immediately after the purchase. It will remain in your account long after the free offer period is over.

If you find this limiting, you could try these third party alternatives that will get you Xbox 360 or Xbox One games for free.

Xbox Games With Gold has been around for a while and has always delivered. Here is a list of games recently gone free on this offer and a regular price column to show you just how much you would save when you get them for free.