Fortnite Your Account Cannot Play on This Platform Fix

Fortnite puts you in a world of carnage where the majority of the population has been eliminated by a series of storms. Some humans have turned into husks, human eating zombies who wear their victims like hoodies, limited resources and a harsh environment that pushes your survival skills to the limits.

All this is presented in a cartoon world filled with animated monitors, chaos, and storms. The appearance tones everything out, giving you the urge to focus on the game and let all other worries slip by.

Fortnite might be interesting to play but it is not flawless. One of the most vexing glitches is the inability to port progress from Xbox to other platforms.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a free download piece. You can grab a copy of the game here on the official Epic Games site and be part of the party action with impressive online multiplayer experience.

Fortnite Your Account Cannot Play on This Platform

You will encounter this error when trying to use an account you opened on another platform, for instance, Xbox to play a game on PC. When you encounter this, you don’t have to uninstall the game. While Epic Games knows this glitch exists, they are not really willing to roll out a fix that will take care of the problem leaving gamers no option but to solve the problem with a workaround.

An Epic Account can be locked to accessing the game on the platform you opened it on. For instance, your Xbox One account won’t play Fortnite Battle Royale on PC. You will have to create a new account to play the game here.

While Epic Games have the option of fixing it, the time I spent talking to support on mail made me believe that they solve the problem. The only Cross platform compatibility so far is between PS4 and Mac/PC.

You can port your progress across these platforms but you will never be free to share progress once you choose to play on Xbox. Either way, you will still get to perform the now popular Fortnite dance and forget the trouble you went through to figure out the bizarre account permissions.