The Forest Cheat Engine and Console Commands

Even though The Forest, a first-person open world survival title published to both PS4 and Windows back in May 2014, it is the Microsoft Windows version that has hang around for longer thanks to console commands and Cheat Engine hacks. Since the game is still in the alpha state, we can say that there’s still more to come and implementing cheats is easier since the developers don’t have the alpha encapsulated from our probing minds.

Your first option to cheating and hacking your way through The Forest after the plane crash is by using the developer console. The game lets you use the developer mode to change different values of virtually all items in the game.

The Forest Commands

There are commands in the game that you can type when in the main menu to create a certain effect. These are:

  • Vegetarianmode: Enemies only show during the night.
  • Meatmode: Makes all other cheats nonfunctional.
  • Ironforest: Buildings are indestructible. To disable, type code again.
  • Rawmeatmode: Implements permanent death. To disable, type code again.
  • Regrowmode: Ten percent of all fallen trees will regrow while you sleep.
  • Veganmode: All enemies disappear except for enemies in the caves.
  • Woodpaste: Resets the floor and roof holes in your saved game.

The Forest Console Commands

Most games with console commands make Cheat Engine and cheat table almost useless. This is why I am beginning with the developer console here.

To activate The Forest console, go to the main menu of the game and type developermodeon

You won’t see what you are typing so avoid any typos. To confirm you did it right, hit F1 and F2. F1 should bring up a tiny text box to the top-left edge of the screen while F2 should bring up a statistics display at the top center of the game if your developer console is active.

For now, any console commands you type will be invisible. To make The Forest console commands visible, hit F2 again to activate the log menu. This will show the commands you input

the forest cheat engine

Top Forest Console Commands

Here are some handpicked The Forest Console commands for your enjoyment. Note that all commands that toggle something on or off are deactivated by following the command with off.


godmode on: turn on god mode

godmode off: turn off god mode


  • godmode on: Stamina, hunger, health, and thirst all stay 100%. Take no damage.
  • itemhack on: Items that you have in your inventory are now infinite.
  • fastrun on: Run incredibly fast.
  • Buildhack on: Infinite building supplies.
  • Loghack on: Carry and use infinite logs.
  • Enemies on: Turns on enemies normally.
  • Energyhack on: Turns on infinite energy.
  • Survival on: Turns on survival features.
  • Addallitems: Adds every item to your inventory.
  • addallstoryitems: Adds all story-related items.
  • Buildallghosts: Sets up construction blueprint for all buildings.
  • Setdifficultymode <difficulty>: Set difficulty in your game.
  • Spawnenemy <enemytype>: Spawns an enemy of specific type. Use list below for types:
    • fat
    • armsy
    • vags
    • male
    • female
    • male-skinny
    • female-skinny
    • pale
    • pale-skinny
    • baby
    • fireman


  • Spawnanimal: Spawns a specific animal (Found by user Vlad-00003)
    • rabbit
    • lizard
    • deer
    • turtle
    • tortoise
    • raccoon
    • squirrel
    • boar
    • crocodile


  • Toggleoverlay: Toggles the overlay of the console and log.
  • Reporterrorsnow: Report errors.
  • Killallenemies: Kills all enemies.
  • Killclosestenemy: Kills closest enemy.
  • Killlocalplayer: Kill local player.
  • Clear: Clears the log. Can be helpful when it becomes cluttered.
  • Resetallenemies: Will respawn major enemies as well as refreshing the world with new ones.
  • Revivelocalplayer: Any downed players will be revived instantly.
  • Removeitem <item>: Removes item from your inventory.
  • Invisible on: Makes the player invisible.
  • Invisible off: Turns off invisibilty.
  • Poison: Poisons the player.
  • Animals on: Generates natural animals like any other game mode.
  • Animals off: Turns off animals entirely.
  • Advanceday: Shifts the time to the following day.
  • Plantallgardens: Completely fills gardens with plants.
  • Forcerain: Forces a rainy weather condition.
  • Growalldirtpiles: Refreshes previously used dirt piles as well as creates new ones.
  • Hitlocalplayer: Damages local player.
  • Knockdownclosestenemy: Knocks down the closest enemy to the player.

If the Console Commands are not enough for you, the following cheat tables will definitely suffice. If it is your first time using Cheat Engine, you can use my introductory guide to download Cheat Engine and learn how to load a game and the corresponding cheat table.

The Forest v0.65 64 Bit Cheat Table

This Cheat Table will work flawlessly with CE 6.7 and above. Some of the features to expect from the cheat table include:

  • Infinite items
  • Easy build
  • Infinite logs
  • Infinite health
  • Infinite stamina
  • No thirst or hunger
  • Speed and star
  • Control time of day (0: noon, 90: dusk, 180: midnight, 270: dawn)

You can download it here