Mastering the For Honor Peacekeeper

The For Honor Peacekeeper class is arguably the hardest to master. In case you have not played her, you will be surprised by the way she can perform a strike and recess before the opponent even makes a move. Although she is packed with thrilling moves, she is hard to keep alive especially if you have a slow reaction time. If you want to enjoy a good gameplay, the following For Honor Peacekeeper guide is here to help you master all the combos/movesets and reduce your desires to cheat your way through the game.for honor peacekeeper

Abilities & Passives for the Peacekeeper

  • Capabilities: Swift attacks, Ability to deflect, has dagger skills to confirm or cancel attacks into a bleed damage.
  • Revenge Mode: Throws and Parry, when activated, attacks will auto-parry, boosts health and damage.
  • Dagger Cancel: Allows you to cancel Heavy Attacks with Light Attacks during the startup. The attacks result in a bleeding effect on the enemy.
  • Zone Attack: Cancels zone attack after the first attack with B (Xbox 1), O (PS4), or E (PC).
  • Renown: Allows you to gain more renowned (Renown) when you kill Heroes and also by getting killing streaks during matches to unlock feats in a match.
  • Stab Cancel: Press X (Xbox 1), Square (PS4), MMB (PC) while performing a stab fest.
  • Deflect: Helps to deflect an attack by dodging in direction of attack before impact.

For Honor Peacekeeper Movesets and Combos

For Honor Peacekeeper combos will come into action with the following movesets

For Honor Peacekeeper Twisting Blade

Transitions from Light Attacks into Heavy Attacks

Xbox: RB, RT, RT

PS4: R1, R2, R2


For Honor Peacekeeper Sword Dance

Transitions from Heavy Attacks to Heavy Attacks

Xbox: RT, RT

PS4: R2, R2


For Honor Peacekeeper Dervish Strikes

Transitions from Light Attacks into Heavy Attacks. Getting blocked interrupts the combo.

Xbox: RB, RT

PS4: R1, R2


For Honor Peacekeeper Deep Gouge

Transitions from Heavy Attack into Light Attack to inflict bleeding on an opponent.

Xbox: RT, RB

PS4: R2, R1


For Honor Peacekeeper Stab

Transitions from Guard Break into Light Attack

Xbox: X, RB, RB, RB

PS4: box, R1, R1, R1


For Honor Peacekeeper Riposting Stab

Transitions from Deflect into Light Attack to inflict bleeding on opponent. This can qualify as indirect parrying since there’s some offense in the defense.

Xbox: Deflect, RB

PS4: Deflect, R1

PC: Deflect, LMB

For Honor Peacekeeper Sidestep Strike

Transitions from Left or Right + Dodge into Heavy attack to inflict bleeding on opponent

Xbox: LS ← or → + A, RT

PS4: L3 ← or → + X, R2

PC: A or D + Space, RMB

For Honor Peacekeeper Slipping Lunge

While you are locked-on, execute a Guard Break

Xbox: LS (press to sprint) + X

PS4: L3 (press to sprint) + box

PC: ↑ + MMB

For Honor Peacekeeper Dashing Thrust

Transitions form forward and dodges into a heavy attack

Xbox: LS↑ + A, RT

PS4: L3 ↑ + X, R2

PC: W + Space, RMB

For Honor Peacekeeper Nerf

The major characteristics of For Honor Peacekeeper you could nerf include light speed and damage. I personally don’t find an issue with her raw speed. My main issue is the sheer damage her attacks do. Lower the damage from the normal 17 up to around 15 and the second light from 15 to 9 making the combo damage 24. You can lower the initial light from 500ms to 400ms. This should nerf her enough.

For Honor Peacekeeper Gameplay