Fixing Payday 2 Won’t Launch Windows 10 Error

For action games, Payday 2 is among the best. Published by 505 games and developed jointly by Overkill Software, Starbreeze Studios and Sumo digital, the game can be played in various platforms such as Xbox, Linux, and Windows. However, users have reported instances when the game fails to launch. This is often as a result of Payday 2 crashing.

This article guides windows 10 users on how to fix Payday 2 launching error.

When does payday 2 crash?

It is relevant to know the different instances when the game crashes before embarking on how to fix the issues. In the first place, players can identify Payday 2 crashing by observing the following signs:

  • Unavailability of the game in steam library
  • NVIDIA and AMD graphic launching error
  • Troubles in access of steam overlay
  • Monitors that are out of reach
  • Drivers error causing black screen
  • Zero response when launching.

Why is payday 2 crashing?

This is a common question from players. Yet another one: Why does payday 2 keeps crashing?

  1. Well, the most significant reason why Payday 2 keeps crashing to a desktop is expired graphics drivers. Drivers that have not been updated for a long while usually cause the black screen. In this case, the screen appears dead and the game cannot launch.
  2. Another reason why payday 2 keeps crashing is that your windows 10 is not compatible with the game. Whether you are using a desktop or a laptop, the compatibility mode must always be checked.
  3. Another common issue is the incorrect in-game setting. Even though your PC might be working properly, small diversions in settings might lead to launching problem.

How to fix payday 2 windows 10 launching error

Whenever Payday 2 keeps crashing when joining the game, ensure that you use updated graphics card drivers. Get your drivers from your graphics card vendor official website. This could be AMD, Nvidia or Intel in most cases.

You can also force a secondary graphics card on your PC. Most computers have a secondary card option which includes AMD or NVIDIA. In both these cards, you have to access their control panels and scan through to set high-performance processor.

Payday 2 crashing randomly is credited to Steam issues. The simple way of avoiding the error is to disable the steam overlay. Here, go to steam settings in the steam menu. Select in game settings and unmark ‘Enable Steam Community In-Game’. Confirm the disabling process by clicking OK.

Note that the above process will disable all the in-game titles. But you can carry out this task for specific game features. In such a case, right click the specific game title and check its properties. Then unmark the ‘Enable System Community In-Game’.

Alternatively, you can choose to perform a verification of the game cache. This is particularly helpful if Payday 2 crashing mid game. Unlike in the former step where you disable steam, here you need to navigate through the steam property menu and click ‘Verify integrity of game cache’. The verification process can be lengthy, but the game should launch after the process is over.

But what happens if you cannot access the steam overlay? A common cause for Payday 2 crashing on launch. Yet, the error can be solved by accessing the game directory and selecting the game properties. This is done by right-clicking. Then, setting compatibility mode and creating a file shortcut on your desktop. To avoid subsequent Payday 2 crashing on startup, always use the file shortcut to launch the game.

Next, delete the IPHLPAPI.dII file. The file is usually found in the game’s installation directory. After accessing it, right click and choose the ‘delete’ option.

The last fix should be done on the game’s resolution. Changing the resolution can be done by opening the AppData folder and typing %appdata% then clicking ‘Enter’. This is achieved by pressing ‘Windows Key + R’, and an AppDataRoaming folder is opened. The AppData directory is just above the roaming folder. In its ‘local’ folder, open ‘Payday 2’ folder and open the ‘render settings’ using notepad. Finally, alter the value of the resolution and restart the game. For example, change the digits in ‘resolution=”1260 750”’ into any value, say, 1280 750.

If Payday 2 keeps crashing, then keep alternating the resolution and restarting the game.

These are the common ways of solving launching error in windows 10. Keep trying different methods to fix the error.