Here is How to Fix Sea of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working Error

Both Xbox and PC users rely on the voice chat option of the Sea of Thieves video game. This is because the game has no text chat option making voice chat the only way to communicate with your newfound online friends. An error in your voice chat settings will definitely be catastrophic.

This guide covers how to fix the sea of thieves voice chat not working pc error and the voice chat not working Xbox error.

To start with, observe the following points:

  • While installing the game, don’t skip any prompts that enable voice chat feature. Of course, new players are usually eager to start the game, but they can hurriedly choose the ‘no’ option in the microphone access dialogue box. Hence, observe caution during this process
  • Make sure that your headphone is in good working condition.
  • Ensure that ‘Push to Talk’ is enabled in your Game Audio settings

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Fixing Voice Chat Error for PC

The sea of thieves pc voice chat not working error cannot be fixed in the inbuilt menu of the game. Here’s what you should do to fix the problem:

  • Disable the game completely by closing it down.
  • Then, click on the start button of the desktop menu. Scroll through to privacy option and select ‘Privacy Settings’.
  • In the ‘Privacy Settings’ of the new window, choose the ‘Microphone’ option.
  • Ensure that apps are allowed access to use your microphone by turning the toggle on.
  • After selecting the ‘Microphone’ option, all apps that have permission to use your microphone will be displayed.
  • Apps without permission to using the microphone will also be displayed with the toggle set to off.
  • The Sea of Thieves will appear in the latter category. At this point, turn the toggle on for the game and its voice chat feature will be activated.

This process is effective when using windows 10. However, the former window versions’ users can search for the ‘Set up a microphone’ option in the start button and ensure that the Sea of Thieves game has access to the microphone.

After observing the above steps, the sea of thieves voice chat pc not working error will be fixed.

sea of thieves sound settings

Voice Chat Error for Xbox One

For Xbox users, voice chat is available through Kinect or headset devices. The first solution for voice chat not working Xbox error would be to disconnect and then reconnect the devices. The Kinect device setting menu gives the user the option of activating the microphone.

Generally, the procedure for enabling voice chat for this platform is the same as that for a PC. That is,

  • Access the ‘Account’ option under ‘Settings’.
  • Then, proceed to live privacy under ‘Privacy and online safety’,
  • Select the ‘Communication and multiplayer’ option.
  • Finally, choose ‘App privacy’ to access the ‘Microphone’ option and enable permission for the Sea of Thieves game.

These steps should fix the Sea of Thieves voice chat not working error. However, players are advised to report consistent failure of voice chat to the game’s developer, Rare.

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