Where to Find the Yangtze Submarine Fallout 4

Fallout 4 puts you in a post-resources war that saw major clashes between superpowers like the US and China. It would be unreasonable not to give the game some Chinese resources here and there. The Submarine in Fallout 4 will be the Yangtze-31, a nuclear driven ballistic missile under the command of Zao that was sent to patrol the US Atlantic coast after the Great War.

The Submarine Fallout 4 find was discovered by the Solve Survivor in 2287. The Fallout 4 submarine location would be somewhere in the shallow waters of the Commonwealth’s coast just south of the Boston Airport and Northeast of the Four Leaf Fishpacking plant.

Finding the Fallout 4 Yangtze submarine is hard since it isn’t shown on the map until the Sole Survivor swims out and discovers this immaculate piece of hardware. This is why knowing the exact location of the submarine in the area is very important.

Here There Be Monsters

Once you find the Chinese submarine in Fallout 4, you will automatically launch the ‘Here There Ne Monsters’ quest if you haven’t already got it from Donny Kowalski over at the Shamrock Taphouse.

Actually, the right way to find the submarine in Fallout 4 is by launching the Here There be Monsters mission. Talk to Donny on the pier. He will tell you about some sea monster he has spied in the ocean.

Before heading out, you will need:

  • A Hazmat Suit to protect you from the radiation polluted water (unless you have the Rad Resistant perk)
  • Pack enough supplies of Rad-X and RadAway in your inventory just in case the radiation gets the better part of you
  • Mirelurk Cakes to allow you to breath underwater as you approach and survey the submarine

What to Do Once in the Fallout 4 Submarine Quest

By now, you should have the Fallout 4 submarine location zeroed out. Once you swim into the Yangtze, you will find a ghoul resident. Speak to the ghoul and complete the Fallout 4 Submarine quest by helping him sent the Yangtze back home.

Your reward for finding the Fallout 4 Chinese submarine and sending it back home will be 3 homing beacons that will make the Yangtze submarine launch a missile strike to the area.  This will come in handy when battling huge and tough armies or the Kaiju of the Commonwealth elsewhere in the game.