Faster Than Light (FTL) Cheat Engine Table & Hacks

FTL: Faster Than Lighter is an indie spaceship simulator that lets you crew a single ship that bears crucial information you must deliver to an allied fleet exactly eight sectors away. Unlike the case in Star Wars titles, you will be running away from an immense rebel fleet and you really won’t have the mammoth arsenals of Eve Online or Stellaris to blast your way through the blockades.

Nonetheless, you’ll still have to recruit crew, upgrade and outfit your ship, weather a couple of battles and avoid defeat at all concepts since losing all your crew or the entire ship forces you to restart the game with a fresh ship.

FTL cheat engine

With so much at stake, trainers and CE cheat tables always thrive. If you’ve already finished your campaign and are just toying around with the game to see what you missed, you will find the powers of cheat table or trainers quite interesting.

Getting Started With FTL Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a memory location editor in the Microsoft Windows environment that lets people hack and modify games at will. You can either use out of the box cheat tables or hunt for your own memory location changes to affect in-game values as you want.

If this is your first time using Cheat Engine, please go through our introductory guide to learn the basics and get ready for the cheat tables below.

The procedure of editing a value in the game is simple but repetitive (perhaps this is why people prefer using CE tables)

  • Run Cheat Engine and start the FTL game
  • Use ALT+TAB to bring focus on Cheat Engine and load the FTLGame.exe (follow our introductory guide if you don’t know how to load a game)
  • Enter the value you want to modify in the box labeled Value. For instance, if you want edit scrap and you already have 30 scrap, enter 30 into the textbox.
  • Click on First Scan before going to the game to change the value by consuming or gaining scrap
  • Go back to CE and do another scan. This will narrow down the number of addresses that show up on the left side
  • Keep on doing this until you have just a handful
  • Edit the values by double-clicking an address. Look for it in the bottom window then right click on it > Change Record > Description. Add a name that is easy to remember in future
  • To change the value, right-click the address at the bottom then Change Record > Value (enter value you want)
  • Go back to the game and confirm that the value change edited whatever in-game parameter you wanted.

FTL Cheat Engine Tables

Cheat Engine tables are not only a great way to implement FTL cheats at an instance but also a source of inspiration to people using Cheat Engine to find their own game hacks.

Here are some cheat tables to guide you in the right way. I don’t know who compiled them so I can’t give credit.


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