Far Cry 5 Hare Locations: Hunting Guides

Far Cry 5 might be focused on taking down fanatical cultists but it sure does a great job at breaking the monotony and letting you chase something else for a change. Hunting hares, grizzlies or skunks is one of the few pass times you can engage in when you are taking a break from taking down the Hope County cultists.

Far Cry 5 hares are the hardest to hunt. Knowing all Far Cry 5 hare location will give you an upper hand since catching these cunning creatures will earn you perk points, trophies and achievements.

Where to Find Hares in Far Cry 5

There is only one hare hunting ground in Far Cry V. All hairs are found to the Northwest of the Moonflower Trailer Park in the Faith’s region.

far cry 5 hare locations

Finding the hares location in Far Cry 5 is one thing. Finding an actual hare is another thing. Most players will search the hunting ground for long and even fail to get a single hair.

Up to now, we have established that you cannot find rabbits if you haven’t taken out Faith in this region. First, kill faith before going hunting for hares. It makes sense. Take care of business first before recreation.

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Whether this is a glitch or intentional programming, I must admit that it does give you a sense of purpose when exploring the Faith’s region.

Once you find the hare, hunting them down shouldn’t be a problem.