Falcon Lost Glitch – You Might be Punished for Using it

Ubisoft’s The Division has had its share battle against glitch exploits and in-game cheats. One of the most popular glitches that drew the wrath of the developer is the Falcon Lost Glitch. The glitch lets the player exploit the game’s very first raid mission and gives players manipulating it added advantage.

Introduced in April, the Falcon Lost campaign was designed to give out high-level completion reward once a week. However, players using riot shield could walk through walls and repeatedly run through the mission hence collecting loot drops faster than the rest.

Here is a quick video showing you how the glitch works

The New Falcon Lost Glitch Will Have You Punished

Commenting on the glitch, community manager, Natchai Stappers, said that using it is a violation of the game’s Code of Conduct. ‘We are working on fixing the exploit. Our team is looking into what can be done to punish those who have used the exploit,’ he said.

While using cheats and glitches to leap ahead of the competition is infuriating and bad ‘gamemanship’ many players still believe that no one should be punished for using in-game exploits and glitches to gain the upper hand. It is purely strategic.

After all, it is Ubisoft who handed us the tool by dishing out glitching code. We didn’t go out of the way to use a game trainer or Cheat Engine in order to manipulate the game.

The Falcon Lost has ever since received a patch meaning that you can no longer use the original Falcon Lost glitch. The daily challenges also vanished. There’s no new Falcon Lost glitch to exploit so far. We will keep you posted in case something new comes up. You can subscribe to this post to be the first one to know.