The Escapists 2 Cheat Engine Hacks

The Escapists 2 Cheat Engine Hacks

The Escapists 2 is an amazing pixel graphics game that pits you against a fortified prison and guards as you try to escape a prison alive before it is too late.  While it is true there are resources you can gain by using Cheat Engine hacks, the fact that The Escapists 2 has an amazing multiplayer campaign makes cheating almost immoral.

Nonetheless, if you are ’hellishly’ bent at using Cheat Engine hacks and cheat tables in the game, here are some things you must consider before firing up CE and loading the tables.

  • Don’t use Cheat Engine hacks if you intend to play the online multiplayer campaign. It’s not only frustrating to other players but also leaves you with a banned account
  • Check out our Cheat Engine installation and user guide. It will teach you how to fish for your own Escapists 2 Engine hacks and how to load any of the tables you download.

The Escapists 2 Cheat Table by Shinkansen

The most challenging thing about cheating Escapists 2 is that the game is procedural and unpredictable like Dead by Daylight hatch locations. It generates most of its code at runtime and memory locations shift with every run. A cheat table or using cheat engine could easily crash the game.

Save a copy of the game every time you want to try out Cheat Engine hacks just to be safe

Shinkansen CE Features

  • Enemy set to weak (makes enemy weak, blind and cannot touch)
  • Crafting set to no consume ingredients (you can craft so much without consuming your ingredient)
  • Set time to frozen
  • Set routine to no heat
  • Set generators to off
  • Set guard tower shooting to delayed, searchlights to off
  • Set doors to open
  • Set medic pickup time to a custom figure
  • Set health, energy, money

You can grab a copy of the cheat table here. The table is tested to work with the Version 1.0.0 of the game.