Enter the Gungeon Cheat Engine & Trainer

Enter the Gungeon was a great hit in 2016. While it might not be as popularized as No Man’s Sky or Metal Gear Solid, the fact that the game sold half a million copies on Steam means it’s a great game that deserves even more greatness. There’s no better way to make offline games that don’t ban you for cheating better than using trainers and Cheat Engine Cheat Tables.

Getting Started With Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is a great open source tool that lets you change game values in virtually any game running on Windows. If it is your first time using Cheat Engine tables, you will need to go through our introductory guide to learn how Cheat Engine works and download a copy.

The guide will also teach you how to protect your other online games that frown upon cheating from getting banned since the mere act of having cheat engine in your system might sometimes lead to a ban.

Once you have everything up and running, you can grab this cheat table and explore the different opportunities it unlocks in Enter the Gungeon.

enter the gungeon cheat table and PC trainer

Enter The Gungeon Trainer by MRANTIFUN

MR Antifun is a great trainer maker who has many useful trainers to different games on the tow. This trainer will let you:

  • F1: Gain infinite health
  • F2: Get infinite blanks
  • F3: Get infinite ammo
  • F4: Fight with no reload
  • F5: Get infinite keys
  • F6: Get infinite money

You can change these hotkeys in the trainer settings.

To use the MRANTIFUN Enter the Gungeon trainer, start the game world (The trainer should be running). Wait for the hearts to show up on the screen before using F1 to activate the health cheat.

To activate the ammo cheat, pick a weapon, shoot it once then activate the ammo cheat option

To use the money cheat, pick up money once or buy something then activate the infinite money cheat. After this, pick up more money or buy something and you will get a crisp 999999 in-game money.

The trainer only works on 64 bit systems. You can download it here.

Enter the Gungeon Trainer 1.1.3H3

This is a premium trainer over at Cheat Happens that demands for a premium Cheat Happens subscription to download. If you are willing to pay, you should expect features like:

  • Infinite Health
  • Infinite Armor
  • Refill Ammo
  • No Reload
  • Disable Enemy Attacks
  • Change Money
  • Change Keys
  • Unlimited Blanks
  • Super Damage
  • Enemy Bullets Don’t Hit
  • Money Count as Hegemoney
  • Reveal Map

You can check out the trainer here