How to Enter GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes on Android (No Root)

Rooting your device opens up dozens of customization options and unlocks unprecedented freedom. It is the equivalent of jailbreaking your iDevice. However, not all Android users would want to go through the hassle of the rooting process.

gta san andreas cheat codes

Thankfully, the content below will show you the steps you need to apply fully working cheat codes in GTA SAN ANDREAS without having to root your Android device.

Steps for Applying Cheat Codes in GTA San Andreas

  1. Complete your first mission, which is quite simple, in CJ.
  2. Save the game to capture the progress.
  3. Go to the Playstore and Download the GTA SAN Cheater apk.
  4. Install and Open the GTA SAN Cheater app.
  5. Skip the Warning prompt and save and restore on an empty slot.
  6. On the next window, select Infinite Health, Infinite Amor, Max Money, Infinite Sprint, and Taxis have NOS (Boost) under General.
  7. Select Respect and set Stamina, Muscle, and Sex Appeal all maximum.
  8. Choose whatever you like under Weapons and Ammo, and Vehicles.
  9. Set the Vehicle Garage Location at the CJ’s House then save your selections.
  10. Head back to GTA SAN ANDREAS.
  11. Choose Start Game but choose Load Game Then Choose No when prompted to proceed with loading.

What You Get After Applying the Cheats

  • Upgraded Stamina that allows you to sprint, swim, and cycle for longer.
  • Body muscle will be upgraded and become well-toned. As such, your attacks will inflict more damage.
  • You also get the vehicle you chose.

It is pretty clear that not only is the process of applying the GTA SAN ANDREAS cheat codes easy, but they also work 100 percent. At the same time, this cheat saves you from the trouble of rooting your device.

Let us know your experience in applying the cheats. Here is a video that shows the cheat application steps for visual impression.