Enchantress Dota 2 – What to Do With Her

Some characters in Enchantress 2 use skill, brutal strength and weapons to survive while others just need their intelligence to push through. Aiushtha, the Enchantress in Dota 2 is one such character. The Dota 2 Enchantress relies on her abilities and wit to push through gank and lanes without breaking a sweat.

As the game starts out, she isn’t so powerful. You can easily confuse her with a medic who just heals her allies, has slows down enemies and controls creeps. However, as your progress up the levels, she becomes a really formidable character.

At her best, she can easily kill powerful characters with a couple of strategic attacks.

How to Use Enchantress

Her biggest ability is to take control of creeps and make them do what she wants. In addition to this, she can engage heroes at distances. If she is hurt, she can always call Nature’s Attendants to heal her and her allies. This is quite the plus since she can heal while in battle without standing still.

In Dota 2, Enchantress can also use her Untouchable capabilities. This makes her a bit resistant to Basic attacks. Despite this, she still have the lowest strength gain in the whole game making her more vulnerable to spells.

enchantress dota 2

However, the most dangerous thing you will ever see from Enchantress Dota 2 is the Impetus. She can use the Impetus to turn attacks into damage strikes to the enemy.

Enchantress Capabilities

  • Untouchable: Comes on when a unit starts to attack Enchantress no matter their distance.
  • Enchant: Charms the enemy, slowing them down or putting them under her control
  • Nature’s Attendants: A cloud of wisps to heal  Enchantress and her allies
  • Impetus:  Enchants each attack causing it to damage the enemy. The further away the enemy the more the damage

Persistent Base Stats
Movement Speed: 310
Missile Speed: 900
Sight Range: 1800/800 (day/night)
Attack Range: 550

Scaling Base Stats

Strength +1.0/lvl
Agility +1.8/lvl
Intelligence +2.8/lvl (Primary)
ArmorAttack per Second
Health Regeneration
Mana Regeneration
Level 1
1.66 (9%)0.7
Level 25
10.48 (31%)1.07