How to Earn Final Fantasy XV AP Faster

Final Fantasy XV progress hinges around leveling up, experience points and gathering ascension points over at the Ascension Menu. The Ascension grid gives you options to upgrade the capabilities of all your players, their weapons and interactions with the environment.

final fantasy 15 AP options

Each of the upgrades in the Ascension Grid will cost you some Ascension Points. Here are some cool tricks to help you earn the points faster and get the points you need to go through FF15 gameplay.

The good thing is you can always get points for almost anything. From leveling up to finishing quests and so forth. Here is a couple of options

  • Defeat an enemy using blindside, parry or warp strikes. This will earn you 1 AP per enemy. Be on the lookout for the weak enemies to strike and win faster
  • Camping will earn you 1 AP. The catch is it has to be a new camp at all times
  • Complete your tours and side quests that include doing favors to your buddies. These could sometimes earn you up to 20 AP

There is another way of earning AP points by buying skills on the ascension menu. Here are some skills that will give you AP bonuses.

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  • Armiger Action: This skill on the armiger page gives you 1 AP every time you activate armiger.
  • Armiger-Chain Reaction: This skill offers 1 AP every time you activate armiger chain.
  • Magic Action: This skill gives you 1 AP every time you cast a spell.
  • Roadrunning: 1 AP given for every 1 and a quarter miles driven in your car. This counts for when Ignis is driving so long as you don’t fast travel and for when the car can fly later on.
  • Chocobump: 1 AP given every so often when you’re riding a Chocobo.
  • Chocojockey: 1 AP each time you win a Chocobo race.
  • Angler Action: 1 AP for catching a fish.
  • Appetize: 1 AP for cooking a party member’s favorite food, marked on the cooking menu by SNES-era FF style sprite of them celebrating.

You will find these skills in the Exploration sessions of the Ascension menu.

Even though most of these ventures just earn you 1 AP, they are better than nothing. Every little AP you get will come in handy when buying your skills early in the game.