Dungeon Fighter Online Classes

Dungeon Fighter Online classes form the basis of DFO (Dungeon Fighter Online) gameplay. The character you choose not only determine your success in killing monsters as you traverse the 2D world but also determines your character’s resilience and skill. This means that understanding the Dungeon Fighter Online classes is mandatory if you want to get the best scores on the game or you intend to take part in multiplayer PvP Arenas, Party Play, Guilds and Mentorship campaigns.

DFO Character Classes

DFO gives you fifteen main character classes. Each class has a unique combination of fighting skills that come in handy when fighting the manic monsters of Arad dungeons. You can upgrade your characters and let them specialize in subclasses hence opening up advanced skills that will help handle the increasingly challenging levels of the game.

DFO male slayerMale Slayer

The Slayer is a skillful warrior who draws power from the Kazan demon that dwells in his arm. He is ever fighting a battle with the demon to avoid complete possession and has, as a result, shackled his arm in chains to keep the demon in check. This leaves him with a single arm to wield his mighty sword or blunt weapon to do what others do with two. He can still use his dark powers to cast spells when in demonic energy dungeons. The demon within gives him a high resistance to Shadow energy while making him vulnerable to Light energy.

  • Simple and easy to learn combos making it the perfect class for beginners
  • A sufficient mix of physical and magical skills
  • Low base MP limits the use of active skills

Female Slayer

The Female Slayer is in many ways similar to the Male Slayer only that she uses stone in her right hand to stay in control. She has powerful metastasis powers and can easily force demons to kneel before her thanks to her powers.

  • Composure passive skill that increases critical hit rate when she attacks
  • She can’t be part of the Joint Investigation Group in the Zelva Epic Quests due to her past with De Los Empire

Male Fighter

Male fighter uses his legs on most of the battles. They can inflict surprisingly powerful low blows that easily break things. As the skills grow, you can start using the characters special fighting styles like Knee Cannon or Air Hop to bring down your enemy faster.

  • Similar to the Female Fighter below only that he focuses on using kicks and not punching

Female Fighter

The Female Fighter is the real fighter. She likes to get up close and personal in battle, fists flying and fury unleashed. She doesn’t have any magical tricks up her sleeve but she has the agility and physical strength needed to punch enemies into oblivion. She uses gauntlets, knuckles, claws or even boxing gloves.  You can get her to use complex moves like the Back Breaker or Suplex as her skill grows.

  • Well balanced skills in close range combat with impressive speed, power, and combos
  • She is a bit frail so you should count on her agility to dodge attacks more often
  • She has an inborn Light resistance and Shadow weakness

Male Gunner

Dungeon Fighter Online thinks of the Gunner as a mysterious figure from another world without magic. As a result, he counts on his weapons to fight from a distance. This suits his physically weak but sneaky approach. He can still use the magic of Arad to create elemental powered projectiles that increase damage to the enemy.

  • Good at long range very few up-close capabilities
  • Low durability and resilience to attacks

DFO male gunner

Female Gunner

She is the elite of the Empyrean society chosen by a couple of stringent test on her fifth birthday. Her talent coupled with expansive training makes the formidable Imperial Guards who are tasked with the responsibility of guarding the Imperial Princess Garden. She is a master of technology like communication tech and instruments of war.

  • She is in many ways similar to the Male Gunner only that she is a bit shorter

Male Mage

The Male Mage is not only immortal but also wields impressive magical abilities thanks to his risky but successful replacement of part of himself with the Abyss. He is a young mage originally from Pandemonium.

  • Very low close combat stats (Strength, Speed HP)
  • The low physical defense means careless players will die often
  • Immortality cures this with Auto-Revive, Fast Regenerating HP making it hard to fully die in some settings
  • Considerably superior magic stats in comparison to all characters
  • Short height makes it easy to escape most attacks

Female Mage

The Female Mage came to Arad on a quest to save her dying magical world, Pandemonium. However, she has to save Arad first before saving her home world. Though slight in stature, she is a powerful magician who can easily hold her own against most enemies.

  • Lowest close combat stats hence must avoid hits at all costs
  • Good maneuver skills during close range battles
  • Significantly superior magic skills
  • Relies heavily on magic skills when in battle

Male Priest

The priest is dedicated to the holy quest of vanquishing evil wherever he goes. His ultimate goal is to stop the rise of demon Ozma and his minions. The pries wields huge intimidating weapons like totem poles and giant crosses that he can use to bash in enemy skulls. He can only use holy power to self-heal or enhance performance in battle.

  • Slow but with hard-hitting attacks
  • A huge library of extensive healing buffs and herbs

Female Priest

Wielding devout loyalty to God on one hand and huge terrifying weapons in the other, there is little the Female Imposter cannot do when she encounters imposters. Her drive comes from the hatred to deceptive imposters who misled her when still young. Now redeemed, she fights savagely for what she believes is right.

  • Similar specials to the male priest


Swift, deadly, cunning. The Thief’s presence is felt before he can be seen. As a Dark Elf who has seen her people fall victim to plagues, betrayals, and epidemics, she is no stranger to death. No longer affiliated with her ancestor’s magical ways, she is a shrewd assassin highly skilled in the art of espionage. She is fast, stealthy and only makes confrontations when absolutely necessary.

  • Fast with a wide range of skills that make her a versatile character
  • Damage per hit not so good but can deal many hits per combo


The Knight is a fighter who emphasizes on defense but can still use the shield for offensive purposes. This makes the knight a decent option if you are fighting hoards or going into swarming harm’s way.

Demonic Lancer

He is a special melee fighter who has the advantage of using elongated weapons. As a previous slave under the power of a demonic lance, he has not only mastered the weapon but also uses it to exert vengeance on his former oppressors.

Dark Knight

A female variant of the Male Slayer who focuses on uses combos to win battles


A Female Merge who can use a barrage of destructive elementals by using the mouse instead of dedicated keyboard hotkeys.

DFO Awakening

Each character in the different classes undergoes awakening and gains specialized skills and upgrades on previous skills. The first awakening is at Level 50 while the second awakening in Dungeon Fighter Online classes is at Level 75.

Base Class Sub Class 1st Awakening Title 2nd Awakening Title
Male Slayer Blade Master Grand Master Omniblade
Soul Bender Soul Reaper Dark Lord
Berserker Hell Bringer Blood Evil
Asura Silent Eye Indra
Female Slayer Sword Master Noblesse Majesty
Demon Slayer Demonbane Deicide
Vagabond Dualist Sword Dancer
Dark Templar Dark Empress Nemesis
Male Fighter Nen Master Radiant Lion Nen Emperor
Striker Dragon Fist Tyrant
Brawler Rampager Hades
Grappler Juggernaut Titan
Female Fighter Nen Master Blazing Flower Nen Empress
Striker Champion Kaiser
Brawler Hellcat Black Widow
Grappler Dervish Ultimate Diva
Male Gunner Ranger Desperado Raven
Launcher Wrecking Ball Destroyer
Mechanic Machinist Prime
Spitfire General Marshal
Female Gunner Ranger Bloodia Crimson Rose
Launcher Demolitionist Storm Bringer
Mechanic Metalheart Optimus
Spitfire Valkyrie Freyja
Male Mage Elemental Bomber Warlock Oblivion
Glacial Master Hell Freezer Eternal
Blood Mage Bloodseeker Vampire Lord
Swift Master Tempest Aiolos
Dimension Walker Divergent Ascendant
Female Mage Elementalist Archmage Overmind
Summoner Lunar Princess Eclipse
Battle Mage Bellatrix Astarte
Witch Trickster Geniewiz
Male Priest Crusader Paladin Saint
Monk Templar Justice
Exorcist Hyperion Draconid
Avenger Doom Guardian Immortal
Female Priest Crusader Evangelist Seraph
Inquisitor Hellkite Inferno
Shaman Oracle Divineress
Mistress Sin Sayer Redeemer
Thief Rogue Silver Moon Alcyone
Necromancer Defiler Thanatos
Kunoichi Izunabi Shiranui
Shadow Dancer Nightmare Grim Reaper
Knight Elven Knight Peacemaker Gaia
Chaos Demon Queen Demon God
Guardian Angel Lightbringer Savior*
Dragonborn Tiamat Dreadnaught*
Demonic Lancer Vanguard Revenant Warlord
Skirmisher Highlander Durandal
Dark Lancer* Rampager* Erebus*