Dragon Age Inquisition Rogue Build

Any combat game has its mysterious class of elite fighters that are the stuff of legend. They are fast, cunning and often possess skill that is unparalleled. Despite their impressive fighting skills, they aren’t necessarily the best characters in the game especially if you don’t know how to build and use them right.

dragon age inquisition rogue

For Honor has the Shinobi, Dragon Age Inquisition has the Rogue.

Mastering the Dragon Age Inquisition Rogue Build

The Rogue in DAI are not extraordinarily strong. They don’t wield brutal weapons or wear the best armor. This makes them a very hard class of fighters to master. There are two options to choose.

  • Rogue Archer – Strikes from the distance with bow and arrow
  • Double Dagger Wield – Uses two daggers to cut down the foe in a flurry of quick melee attacks

Each option gives you a Rogue build path that takes you through five steps and grows your Rogue’s skills exponentially.

Tips and Tricks When Trying Out DAI Rogue

If it is your first time trying out the Rogue and you don’t want to die of frustration, try starting with the archer version. This will keep the battle at a distance hence giving you a chance to hide the Rogue’s low health and resilience.

The archer rogue gets boring over time. If you are ready for the hard work, take on the Double Wielder (DW) rogue and hack your way into battle. It will take some time to adapt but you will be formidable once you master the art.

You also try running cheat engine or console commands to make the gameplay bearable and ease out of the perks as you master the character.

Available Rogue Class Builds

Dual Wield Daggers Assassin Rogue

The DW Dagger Assassin focuses on stealth, evasion and effective combat. It’s never about how many opponents you can take on or how hard you can hit. It’s about making every hit count.

  • Points Needed: 19+
  • Double Daggers: Ripping Fangs, Dance of Death, Sneak Attack, Thrill of Victory, Ripping Fangs
  • Deathblow
  • Subterfuge: Stealth, Evasion, Evade, Shadow Strike, Quick Blade
  • Assassin: Hidden Blades, Overkill, Throatcutter, Knife in the Shadows, Mark of Death, Mark of Doom Gaps in the Armor

Nightmare Archer Build

This is an entry level rogue archer build that relies on the fact that archers engage at a distance to give you a fighting chance.

  • Points Needed: 11
  • Archery Tree: Death from Above, Long Shot, Eagle Eye, First Blood, Explosive Shot, Full Draw, Stunning Shot, Pincushion
  • Sabotage Tree: Infected Wounds, Leeching Poison, Poisoned Weapons
  • Subterfuge Tree: Easy to Miss, Stealth