Dragon Age Inquisition Mages or Templars

Normally, anyone worth his or her salt should have played the Dragon Age Inquisition using all the factions. Each faction tells the story differently, gives you different fighting skills and allows you to get a complete view of the amazing Dragon Age Inquisition story.

The Mages are locked up in a dungeon, operating under limited powers due to a treaty that was brokered to keep their existence. The Templars, on the other hand, are majestic warriors who might start out more powerful and with better resources but are not necessarily pious as they want to think they are.

The Difference in Game Play between the Two

The side you choose affects more than your style and your base. If you go with Templars, for instance, you will chance upon Cole first before meeting and recruiting Dorian at Skyhold. Siding with the mages lets you recruit Dorian before Cole.

Consequently, the antagonists and the heroes will change depending on the side you choose. This means that you can not only play missions differently but also relate to the story in a different way giving you a reason to run through the game multiple times even without using trainers or cheats.

Mages or Templars – Which Should I Choose

The choice will boil down to your preferences. I personally began with the Knights because I can identify with their human nature more than I can identify with the mages. I somehow felt their cause was just and useful to humanity.

After running through the game and seeing how the Templars handle things, I was convinced that the mages didn’t really deserve what they got and tried to side with them too.

My point is

The side you choose will rarely give you an upper hand. It will just let you experience the Dragon Age: Inquisition story from different perspectives. It would be wise to try both factions at some point in your life. Bottom line is you can have fun with the game even before deploying some DAI mods. If you haven’t, its never too late to load the game and start playing again.