Dragon Age 2 Console Commands for PC

Playing any game on PC gives you more flexibility. You can play around with simple settings like graphics and sometimes modify game values and behavior by modifying core files and how the game logic flows. Even though you can still deploy Dragon Age 2 cheats on Xbox or PS4, it is the Dragon Age 2 PC console commands and cheats that bring the game to life.

How to Enable the Dragon Age 2 Console (PC Only)

There are four ways you can use to activate the console in your Dragon Age 2 game. Follow the one you find to be the simplest.

dragon age II console commands PC

1. Creating a Shortcut to DragonAge2.exe (Most Convenient, Recommended)

Find your ‘DragonAge2.exe’ in your installation folder (normally C;\Program Files (x86)\Dragon Age II\bin_ship) and make a shortcut of it on your desktop, task bar or wherever you please. You create a shortcut by right-clicking and selecting ‘create shortcut’ from the popup menu.

Right click the shortcut you just created and choose properties. In the properties tab, go to the ‘Target tab and add -enabledeveloperconsole

Once you’re done, the name should resemble this: (ensure that there is a single space between the last quotation mark and the hyphen)

“C:\Program Files\Dragon Age II\bin_ship\DragonAge2.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole

2. Enabling it Through Steam

Launch your steam client and find the Dragon Age 2 game in your Steam library. Right click the game and select properties. The properties popup will give you the option to ‘Set Launch Options.’ Add this text (-enabledeveloperconsole) without the brackets and click OK. To use the console, you must launch the game through Steam

3. Enabling the Console Through Origin

Find your Dragon Age II game in your Origin ‘My Games menu. Right click on the game and choose ‘Game Properties.’ Look for the field titled ‘Command Line Arguments’ and insert the text (-enabledeveloperconsole)By Editing Your Game File

4. By Editing Your Game File

The last option is to edit the actual game files. This is riskier as you will be tampering with direct game files but you will be able to launch the game from its normal shortcut. You must have installed the game from a retail disc to try this option since Origin download games don’t create the file you should be editing.

The file to look for in your programs/game folder is: …\Dragon Age II\data\DragonAge2Launcher.xml

Backup the file first before beginning the following edit.

Find the line: <condition name=”FirstRunCheck” type=”FileExist” file=”${USERDATA_DIR}\SystemInformation.xml”>

Below that line, you will find: <true action=”execute” file=”${BINARIES_DIR}\DragonAge2.exe” path=”${BINARIES_DIR}” autoquit=”true” />

Append: arguments=”-enabledeveloperconsole”  to this line(inside the />) The final product should be:

<true action=”execute” file=”${BINARIES_DIR}\DragonAge2.exe” path=”${BINARIES_DIR}” autoquit=”true” arguments=”-enabledeveloperconsole” />

Enabling Dragon Age 2 Cheat Console on Mac

If you are playing the game on Mac, navigate to Library/Application Support/Dragon Age II/config

Open the file with a text editor and add the following line to the very end of the text file

[AppDefaults\\DragonAge2.exe\\transgaming] “cmdlineadd” = “-enabledeveloperconsole”

Launching the Dragon Age 2 Console

Before trying to launch the console, head over to your ‘My Documents’ folder or where you game saves progress files and find the file ‘\BioWare\Dragon Age II\Settings\KeyBindings.ini’

Open the file with a text editor and find the line that says ‘OpenConsole_0=Keyboard::Button_X’

Replace the ’X’ in the  Button_X section with a button that is not involved in game control to bind it to console activation. You could use F7 or any other Function key to avoid any confusion.

Launch your game and press the designated launch key. Note that the console will always be invisible. You can confirm by pressing bound keys, for instance a key to move your character. The character won’t respond if the console is active.

To use a code (console codes listed below) just begin typing (be keep not to typo) and press ‘enter’ on the keyboard to activate the console code.

DA 2 Console Commands

  • runscript killallhostiles– Destroys all enemies. Be careful here because this can break scripted encounters and can potentially block progress.
  • runscript addxp X– Adds experience in the amount of X
  • runscript pc_immortal– You will still lose health, but not die. Can be undone with runscript pc_immortal 0.
  • runscript healplayer– Heals the entire party
  • runscript injury remparty– Removes all injuries from party
  • runscript injury remall– removes all injuries from the selected party member
  • runscript addmoney X– Adds copper in the amount of X, i.e.; 10000 = 1 Gold piece
  • runscript cheat – Give all party members a white-glow effect with white dust spray out when you move, temporarily raises party’s defense by a significant value, however, damage is still taken. (needs clarification)
  • runscript zz_upgrade – Opens the enchantment window
  • runscript zz_app_debug – Opens the Approval debug window to set Approval rates and Romance flags (this doesn’t work for Sebastian, you must use his personal zz_seb_debug command)
  • runscript zz_supercrit player – Adds 1000 Stamina and Health, 50 Dexterity and Strength to Hawke. Note that this effect is irreversible.
  • runscript dbg_setattrib [attrib] [value] – gives the selected party member a 180 sec. attribute buff / debuff, where [attrib] is a number from 1 to 6 (1=Str, 2=Dex, 3=Mag, 4=Cun, 5=Wil, 6=Con), and [value] is the amount by which you want to raise it. A negative [value] can be used to lower the attribute instead (i.e. -15).
  • runscript bowlingforferelden – Surround yourself with a ball of energy and allows you to knock around nearly any NPC (party members included) like bowling pins. Be sure to save before you do this, as it may have unintended consequences (pushing NPCs into unreachable areas for example). Wears off after 50 seconds.
  • runscript zz_party – Retains current active party and adds Isabela, Anders and Aveline to your active party.
  • runscript zz_ave_debug – Aveline’s debug (set approval, jump to dialogs, set plot flags)
  • runscript zz_and_debug – Anders’ debug
  • runscript zz_bet_debug – Bethany’s debug
  • runscript zz_car_debug – Carver’s debug
  • runscript zz_fen_debug – Fenris’ debug
  • runscript zz_isa_debug – Isabela’s debug
  • runscript zz_mrl_debug – Merrill’s debug
  • runscript zz_seb_debug – Sebastian’s debug
  • runscript zz_vrc_debug – Varric’s debug
  • runscript zz_otl_debug – Jump to char/plot for On the Loose.
  • runscript zz_dre_debug – Jump to plot debug for The Deep Roads Expedition.
  • runscript zz_lgt_debug – Light Content Debug – Debug for various side quests.
  • runscript zz_mer_debug – Debug for the Merchant quests
  • runscript zz_mag_debug – Debug for various main plot mage/templar quests
  • runscript zz_qun_debug – Debug for various main plot qunari quests
  • runscript zz_qcr_debug – Debug for the Qunari Crisis (Act II end plot and variables)
  • runscript zz_mcr_debug – Debug for the Mage Crisis (Act III end plot and variables)
  • runscript zz_per_debug – Debug for Hawke’s personality/dialogue tone. Displays current tone and allows full reset.
  • runscript chargen warrior XX – Changes player to a level XX warrior
  • runscript chargen mage XX – Changes player to a level XX mage
  • runscript chargen rogue XX – Changes player to a level XX rogue
  • runscript zz_vault_debug – Savegame Import Debug Script
  • runscript zz_rdr_debug
  • runscript zz_rdr start | goto | daynight | set | get | talk
  • runscript zz_rdr start 1
  • runscript zz_rdr start 2
  • runscript zz_rdr start 3
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 1
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 1 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 1
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 1 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto warehouse
  • runscript zz_rdr goto keep 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto keep 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto tavern 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 2
  • runscript zz_rdr goto docks 2 night
  • runscript zz_rdr goto ambush
  • runscript zz_rdr goto hideout
  • runscript zz_rdr goto stash
  • runscript zz_rdr goto finale
  • runscript zz_dae – a master script that allows modification of most every other debug script, provided the right variables are entered.
  • runscript zz_dae_debug – Modify your party, Act/Area/Plot jumps, and Map debugging