Doom 2 Console Commands for PC

Doom 2 Console Commands for PC

Doom 2 is one of the many games that let players tweak their game options and powers using console commands. Console commands, though sometimes inferior to Cheat Engine tables and hacks, are a great way to hack a game and experience a different side of a label you didn’t see when running through for the first time.

How to Launch Console in Doom 2 for PC

To launch the console, press the ~ (tilde key) when playing the game. After that, just key in the console commands and press enter to activate them.

Doom 2 console commands, like all game console commands, are often backdoors programmed in by developers to help them unlock powers that either make the game more interesting, more challenging of fun to play.

Doom 2 Console Commands List

  • God Mode: Iddqd
  • Invisibility: IDBEHOLDI
  • ALL Weapons/Ammo: Idfa
  • Unlock ALL Weapons/Ammo/Keys: Idkfa
  • Unlock Beserk Pack: IDBEHOLDS
  • Unlock Bonus Level: Idclev31
  • Choose Game BGM: IDMUSxx (xx = Number)
  • Computer Area Map: IDBEHOLDA
  • Entire Map: IDDT
  • Invisible to Enemies Until You Attack: FHSHH
  • Invulnerability: IDBEHOLDV
  • Unlock Level Warp: IDCLEV xx (xx = Level Number)
  • Unlock Light Amp Goggles: IDBEHOLDL
  • Unlock No Clipping Mode: Idclip
  • Unlock Radiation Suit: IDBEHOLDR
  • Replace fists with Chainsaw: Idchoppers
  • Show Position in Code: Idmypos
  • Unlock Wolfenstein 3D Level: Idclev32
  • View ALL Objects: Enter IDDT two times in Map mode to see ALL objects in the form of little triangles.

Do you think we missed your favorite console command for Doom 2 or do you have any question on this list? Please let us know in the comments section below and we will try our best to upgrade this list to suit your needs.