Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheat Engine

Divinity: Original Sin II is among one of the most elaborate role-playing video games of 2016. As a sequel to the 2014 Divinity: Original Sin, there’s much to build on and many role-playing video game enthusiasts already know what to expect. Your quest to defeat Bishop Alexandar will need tons of resources and skill. These are hard to come by and will take days unless you use some Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheat Engine hacks.

The good thing about Cheat Engine is you can use it to edit practically any skill, gold, resilience or character counts in your Divinity Original Sin 2. If you have gone through the Cheat Engine introductory guide, you might know how to load a game and scan memory locations looking for specific changes that might affect the game. This will allow you apply different hacks and cheats to your games even before downloading a cheat table.

divinity original sin 2 cheat engine

Divinity Original Sin 2 by Zanzer

The following cheat table by Zanzer covers a wide range of features in your Divinity Original Sin 2 game. Before using it, ensure that back up your saved game. After backing up, set your ‘is GM’ variable to 1 to activate the Game Master mode.

Use F5 to Quick Save and F8 to Quick Load before you begin right clicking on existing gear and using manage to implement the cheats.

Even though you will be playing as the Game Master (GM,) you still have to be careful since some hacks might affect quest items especially if you didn’t save the game.

Once you are done, set the GM variable back to zero to disable game master and use F5 for Quick Save and F8 for Quick Load to start playing the regular game without this cheat table.

Zanzer’s Cheat Table Features

  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Action Points
  • Unlimited Carry Weight
  • No Cooldown
  • Unlimited Durability
  • Unlimited Items
  • Unlimited Inventory Split
  • Increase Movement Speed
  • Selected Character Pointers (after changing attributes or skills, manually spend +1 in-game to save)
  • Last Item Moved Pointers
  • Mouseover Item Editor (doesn’t save, oh well)
  • Treat Containers as New
  • Find Item in New Container (must have lucky charm)
  • Set Treasure Level new
  • Print Global Variables – <address> <name> (<value>) – use float type
  • Print Treasure Identifiers – shows ID and name of each item (use to find current item ID labels for the Find Item script)

You can download it here

Cielos Divinity Sin 2 Cheat Table

Here is another cheat table that will let you unlock more features like target skills, beam skills, memory slot mods, and custom zoom threshold.

The cheat table features to expect include:

  • Target or beam skill range mods
  • Target skills ignore block of sight
  • Memory slots mod (customize base memory capacity)
  • Mouse teleport mod (activate the script, move around once and press Caps+T to teleport to mouse location)
  • Custom zoom threshold (force the game to use your own custom zoom limits)
  • Select all TAGS (Let you use all tags when creating characters)

The cheat table will work on steam game versions 3.0.142 to v3.0.141.999. You can download it here