Diablo 3 Falcon Wings: How to Find Your Wings Faster

Diablo 3 Falcon Wings are one of the many things Blizzard Entertainment has brought into the open world on Diablo III in an effort to keep the game fun to its hardcore fans. Introduced to the game with patch 2.4.1, the Falcon Wings are vanity items that can drop from a mysterious chest in Gardens of Hope tier 1. Falcon Wings different from things like Ancient Items in that they are harder to find.

diablo 3 falcon wings

Using them in the game deploys a set of feathered wings making them the only visible feathered wings in the game. Once you find the Diablo 3 falcon wings, they will be added to your wardrobe and you won’t be able to get more as long as you have a set of wings.

How to Get Falcon Wings

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The first step would be installing game patch 2.4.1 as it is the only one with the Falcon Wings. Once you have installed this patch, you will have to make a couple of runs in Act 4, Gardens of Hope 1st tier and open all chests you encounter. One of these chests will spawn your Falcon wings.

Even though we have a couple of tricks to help you get the wings with the least runs possible, you have to note that the chest with Falcon Wings occurs by sheer luck. If you are playing the game without any cheats or hacks, you will have to keep exploring this section until you get the Falcon Wings.

Using the speedrun character build will help you navigate the Gardens of Hope faster. Since the chest can show up in almost any place, you have to cover every single space in the shortest time possible.

Is There an Easier Solution to Diablo 3 Falcon Wings Farming?

There really isn’t a faster way of farming your Falcon wings in Diablo 3. However, my own experiences and research have led me to believe that it is easier to get the mysterious chest faster if you are playing in campaign mode.

If you have been farming in adventure mode, trying changing to campaign mode and look for the wings again. Many people have reported that this trick always earns them the much-coveted wings in 3 to 5 runs.

Falcon Wings Diablo 3 Locations – Are The Maps Worth It?

There is this popular Reddit thread that claims to keep an updated Diablo III Falcon Wings map. Technically, it is not possible to keep an accurate map since the chest spawns randomly. It’s not a fixed asset you will find at a specific location.

However, since the spawns are based on some code, chances are that there are patterns that might repeat themselves over time. Checking out such a map might not only give you something to look forward to but also increase your chances of tricking probability into smiling your way.

Be warned though; the maps are not the most reliable. You should be ready for some bit of frustration.