Destiny Ninja 2 Walkthrough: A Japanese Love Story With a Twist

Sometimes, the best smartphone games aren’t the action-packed blockbusters we’ve come to love on PC or gaming consoles. Actually, since Android or iOS games are easier to develop, finding an unknown but interesting game isn’t unheard of.

However, this isn’t how I would describe Shall We Date? Destiny Ninja 2. The game is a title in the Japanese love fantasy series that delves into fun, decision making, simulation, and adventure. The dramatic Otome game even takes the fun further by including two extremes of life. The love, the hatred, and the fights will definitely have you on toes.

In Destiny Ninja 2, you will be Otome, a young heroine experiencing sweet moments with cool men, just the way it was back then when people actually read romance novels. Think of it as a visual novel. You play a role in making decisions and you see animations and experience scenarios depending on your decisions.

Destiny Ninja 2 Walkthrough

Even though most of the Shall We Date Destiny Ninja 2 walkthrough must be based on the different characters in the game, it is a good idea to first understand what the general game is all about.

The story begins when you (Otome), a highly trained ninja, a princess and in lineage of the previous Destiny Ninja character heads out on a quest. You’ll find out that the world you’ll come to an end if you don’t visit all the four villages and purify them. You’ll have to choose a partner from one of the eight Samurais and Ninjas. He will be your travel companion, fighting partner and soul mate in your quest to save the world from destruction.

Destiny Ninja 2 – Your Ninjas and Dates

  • Kaito: Cool passionate ninja aspiring to lead the Summer Village
  • Kikyo: A diligent Samurai next in leadership to the Autumn Village
  • Shiroya: A bright baby-faced ninja from Summer Village who fights with flames
  • Rindoh: He is a scheming highly skilled ninja from the Autumn Village
  • Ran: An optimist and straightforward ice ninja from Winter Village
  • Ayu: The quiet and innocent wind wielding ninja from Spring Village to whom you are secretly engaged
  • Fuyukiku: A highly respected water and snow ninja in line to lead the Winter Village

Yayoi: Very wise, arrogant and gentle towards women. He is the next Spring Village leader, Ayu’s caretaker and your ancestors are related

Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2 Ayu Walkthrough

Also, know as the Like a Fairytale, this gameplay series focuses on how you meet Ayu after visiting him over at the Spring Village. Hattori Hanzo Ayu is the son of a former village chieftain. He’s lived a life heavy with expectations and has now grown up to work hard for his people. If you make your way to his heart, he will be more expressive and you will get to know so much from his vast experience.

The first chapter of this gameplay has 10 Episodes. You will have to go through things like a couple of Ayakashi Battles that require ninja points, make love choices and finally get a happy ending to the story.

Destiny Ninja 2 Shiroya

Shiroya is your kind and cheerful ninja from the Summer village. Medium height, pale skin and light blue eyes coupled with his blue hooded cape almost induct him into superhero status and his crossbow.

The above gameplay video for Shiroya in Destiny Ninja 2 will help you know what to expect next in the game and lead your decision making.