Destiny Infusion Calculator – Growing Your Destiny 2 Base Power Levels

Destiny 2 has you do so many things, some of which are easy to understand and others are a plain mystery. One of the most little-understood things is the infusion system and how players can use it to get the highest possible power levels for their base.

Understanding the Base Power Level

Before starting thinking about the Destiny infusion calculator, you first have to understand base power levels. You Base’s power level is the average of the attack or defense rating of the best equipment you have without considering the power added by mods.

destiny 2 infusion calculator

Even though your base power level isn’t displayed anywhere it is important as it determines the gear rewards you get from virtually all places. For instance:

  • A 270 base power level finish Nightfall Strike. Reward comes in at power level 277
  • A 290 base finishes the same campaign. Reward comes in at power level 297

What is Infusion?

Infusion lets you increase the defense or attack rating of anything by giving it more power items. By using infusion, you can keep your favorite items hence reducing the negative impact on your displayed power rating.

Infusion works by combining an inferior weapon to a powerful weapon. The weapons you are infusing must be of the same type. For instance, you can combine a 270 power level exotic weapon with a legendary of power level 295 as long as the two guns are of the same type.

Your exotic weapon (the inferior in power level) will assume the power level of the superior weapon and consume the superior in the process. In this case, you will get a 295 power level exotic gun and consume the legendary in the process.

Infusing items into each other will cost Legendary Shards and Glimmer.

What Does a Destiny Infusion Calculator Do?

A Destiny infusion calculator does all the math for you and gives you the new item rating. This is quite convenient since there are so many things to consider when doing an infusion.  You can use the following calculator to handle all your infusion calculations.

Here is an additional calculator that also takes care of light level searches in Destiny 2.

Why is Destiny 2 Infusion Not Working?

There’s a couple of reasons that will make infusion fail.

  • If you are trying to infuse different weapons or gear. You can only infuse same weapon class.
  • The weapon you are infusing with doesn’t have a high enough power level. Crosscheck and ensure the weapon you want to consume has a considerably higher rating
  • You don’t have any shards in stock. You can’t infuse without Legendary Shards and Glimmer