Destiny 2 Stuck on Initializing Fix

After much anticipation, hype, and impatience from players worldwide, most of whom had enjoyed the first title and all its expansions and some who hadn’t, Destiny 2 was released into the wild. Hundreds of thousands to millions of players are still flocking the servers and downloading the game. For most users, the process is quite smooth and straightforward, but the unfortunate few experiences the notorious Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error while downloading through the Blizzard app.

If you’re one of the afflicted, worry not. This is a fairly common issue that often pops up whenever new content launches, such as game titles, DLC and expansion packs, and even update patches. So if you’ve encountered this stuck on initializing error in your Destiny 2 downloads this time around, just read on to get a few fixes that should help.

Solution 1

This solution is applicable if you’re experiencing the Destiny 2 stuck on initializing error during the download of the game itself. This error usually manifests whenever you pause the game through the Blizzard client and then attempt to resume it. Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  1. Navigate to your Destiny 2 folder. It is usually located here C:\Program Files (x86)\
  2. Move/ drag it to your desktop.
  3. Launch the client again and click install
  4. Leave the pop-up window open with the download information on it
  5. Drag back the Destiny 2 folder to its original location and then click “Install” in the client.

That’s it! Be patient, and your download will resume after verifying that the files are already there. This could take another 15 minutes, so be very patient.

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Also, other users report that you could try the steps below:

  1. On step 4 above, start the download.
  2. After the download starts (from 0%), close the client WITHOUT PAUSING the download.
  3. Make sure you close all other blizzard processes too.
  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\ and delete the new Destiny 2 folder.
  5. Drag back the original folder you had moved to the desktop and launch client. It should resume the download after verifying the files.

This second method is reported to take a slightly lesser time to resume. So you can try it if you’re unable to hold out for 15 or so whole minutes on the previous one.

destiny 2 crashing

Solution 2

This solution is if you came across the initializing error on Destiny 2 when downloading updates or expansions such as Destiny 2 Warmind. However, it is a fix, and so you can attempt it even if you’re downloading the game title itself. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Bring up the task manager and click on the ‘Processes’ tab
  2. Select all Agent, Blizzard desktop app, and game processes.
  3. Click ‘End Process’
  4. Navigate to the directory by bringing up the Run dialogue text box (Windows Key + R) and typing ‘C:\ProgramData’ and hitting Enter.
  5. Delete the folder
  6. Launch the app and update the game.

That’s it! Note, however, that the steps above may cause the client to forget game install locations; prompting you with ‘Install’ instead of ‘Play’ in the desktop app. Simply click ‘Locate this game’ or run the game launcher to find your installation.

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If the above solutions do not work, you might consider the possibility that the issue is on your end. Some prudent measures to take in this case would be to check your router, ping your connection in Command Prompt, flush your DNS cache and run a security scan of your PC.

Hopefully, this guide on fixing the stuck at initializing error in Destiny 2 has been helpful in solving your issue. For more tips, tricks, fixes, and game-hacks, check out some of our guides on the site.