Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater Fix

I’m a Destiny 2 fan and there are these error codes that have been bugging me if you’ve had the same experience you probably know how annoying it is. This is part of the reason I went out of my way to find a solution by thinking through the matter critically. The problem is even more daunting now that Bungie has not unleashed a solution.

It’s our sincere intention to make sure that we educate people who are desperate to solve this problem. We intend to do this by highlighting a comprehensive set of procedures that you’ll use in fixing this issue.

At this point, I want to mention that the error code Anteater goes along with other error codes such as Baboon. But there are some users who managed to get a sigh of relief after certain fixes were unveiled by Bungie. However, this just solved the problem temporarily.

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On the other hand, we intend to solve destiny 2 anteater error code problem over the long-term. Just give the steps below a try.

Connect to a Wired Internet Connection

The first solution that you need to try out is connecting to an internet connection that is wired. This is especially the case if you have been using a WIFI or a data connection from your phone.

There are users who have reported that the problem was no more after they connected to an Internet connection that’s wired instead of WiFi.

Make a Point of Restarting Your Console

There are quite a few people who have benefited greatly from this tip. All they had to do was to restart their console. This tip proved adequate to deal with the anteater code issue. Part of the reason we recommend this solution is because it is a very familiar Xbox-related kind of method to solve many issues.

Before you restart you obviously need to make sure that your games are synced online so that you can avoid deleting them permanently.

For those who want to know how they can delete the cache on Xbox One, it’s very simple.

Just press and hold the power button. This one is often located at the front of the Xbox Console. This should be continuous until the Xbox shuts down.

Having unplugged the power brick that’s located at the back of the Xbox, you can now proceed and press an hold the power button thus ensuring that there’s no more power that’s left inside the Xbox. This tip has been proved to completely delete the cache.

The next thing is to plug in the power brick and wait until the light that’s located on the power brick has changed the color from white to orange. After this, you can now switch on the Xbox back on like you usually do.

Destiny 2 Error Code Anteater Fix


The other alternative:

Make your way to the Xbox One settings and select Network then Advanced Settings.

From here you can then proceed to the Alternate Mac Address option. From here you can now choose the Clear option.

Having done this you will be prompted with a choice to continue since the console will be restarted. This is where you respond affirmatively to continue with the process.

After this, you can now proceed and open Destiny 2 or Destiny for that matter. Then proceed and check if the anteater error code is still persisting, chances are very high that at this point you’ll have solved the problem.

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For the gamers who are using Play Station 4, then it’s very easy. Same here, just follow the instructions mentioned below, the point here is to hard reset the PlayStation 4:

Just make a point of restarting the Play Station 4 completely. Then after the PlayStation is completely shut down, you can now proceed and unplug the power cable that’s located at the back of your console.

After doing this you can now proceed and let the console to remain unplugged for a period of up to several minutes. Then after this time is over, you a now plug the console back on. Then switch it on normally as you usually do.

Consider Contacting Your Internet Service Provider

Bad equipment is one of the causes of this problem. And it’s been found out that after people were able to replace their equipment, the problem was no more.

For instance, we had people who had been using the cable internet connection to play games without replacing the equipment for years. Fortunately, by simply replacing this equipment, they were in apposition to solve this problem.

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So if you’re one of the cable internet users that use this to play games, make a point of replacing the gear, this will go a long way to fix this anteater error code issue.

This also applies if you are using a cable internet and you notice that the level of performance is dropping, you can always reach out to the internet service provider and seek help.