Destiny 2 Aura; How to Earn Scout Commander & Nightfall Aura

Destiny 2 Aura is a character in your inventory that acts as some badge on your character. It gives you some bragging rights, setting you apart from regular Destiny 2 players as long as you accomplish a fete that is worth recognition. Destiny 2 developers have made this recognition so real time to the extent that they refresh the Auras count at the end of each week letting you earn the reputation and fight to keep it week in week out.

There’s a different type of auras and buffs that you earn after accomplishing different hard fetes in the game. The most popular accomplishment would be the Destiny 2 Prestige Raid. You can go through our Prestige Raid Destiny 2 guide and walkthrough to learn all the tips and tricks that will help you survive this insane game mode.

Current Destiny 2 Aura

Here are some of the Destiny Aura available and how to get it.

Nightfall Aura (Blue Flames)

The Destiny 2 Nightfall Aura (Blue flames buff) is a cool thing to have around your helmet for a full week. Even though the aura was removed in Y2 of Destiny, it came back in the Age of Triumph update rolled out in April 2017.destiny 2 nightfall aura

To get this aura, you have to finish the Weekly Nightfall event on Prestige difficult. You will first have to finish Nightfall in normal hardness before unlocking Prestige difficulty. If you are successful, you will get the Nightfall Aura and an Emblem for finishing the High Reward High-Risk campaign.

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Scout Commander Aura

You can get this buff over at the Farm, the new social place in Destiny 2. The aura not only gives you a noticeable glow when on the Farm but also lets you jump higher or run faster.

destiny 2 scouting commander aura

This aura is relatively easier to earn. You will be presented with a list of chores that you have to accomplish over at the farm and earn your reputation. Here’s what you have to do to get the sentry buff and then unlock the aura

  • Climb the watermill attached to Cryptarch’s cottage and run on it for a while
  • This will earn you 2x sentry rank buffs and wheel boost
  • Walk along both cables connecting the buildings and the Farm, then from the farmhouse to the barn. This will earn you a vertigo buff and 2x sentry ranks
  • The Sentry 4x total means you can jump high enough. Head over to the fire pit by the docs and interact to get your scouting patrol
  • Once you are on patrol, you will have to walk through checkpoints demarcated by giant beams of light. Note that the checkpoints will disappear if you don’t go through them in time and you will have to restart the mission again. There are a total of 10 checkpoints to go through.

Check the video below for an idea of where to get all the checkpoints and earn this Destiny 2 Aura.

Well Rested Aura

This automatically goes to all players after the weekly rest. There’s really nothing special about it since you don’t have to do so much to earn it.