Demon’s Souls Servers to Shut Down; What Next?

FromSoftware Demon’s Souls seems to have finally run out of lives. The games online PvP, campaigns and tournaments will go down on February 28, 2018, when the game publishers, Bandai Namco, Atlus and Sony Japan pull the plug on the game’s online servers.

Even though Demon’s Souls is almost a decade old (was first released in February 2009,) It’s still a favorite among many hardcore gamers who still find records to break or other amazing things to do as long as they are hooked up to the official servers.

The game’s influence runs so deep to the extent that it set the pace for other titles like the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne. All these titles are touted by their ruthless difficult and how much a player has to put in to complete a mission.

It comes as no surprise that players like Twitch streamer, miltymilt are still struggling to set up new records year in year out.

Demon’s Soul Online Mode Switch Off Postponement

Demon’s Soul has already survived two shut down plans. One was in 2010 and the other one was in 2012. Despite its god mode tendencies, it seems like the game is finally at the very end of its online line.

What Will You Miss When the Servers Go Down?

Even though a flimsy offline mode will still be available once the official servers go down, players will miss cooperative or PvP invasions of other worlds. The ‘World Tendency’ mode will be off and even the Old Monk boss battle will no longer be the same once the World Tendency System is offline. Old Monk will have to fight alone from then on.

While it is clear that losing the servers will sap a considerable amount of the game’s mojo, we can still count on the Cheat Engine, Trainer and modder world to come up with a quick solution to keep this classic title alive.

There will be every reason to cheat and mod the game without fearing bans. If we are lucky, we might get a way to create local servers and run localized PvP games with some of the amazing online features we all love in the current online title.

The best we can do right now is enjoy the servers as they last and hope that Sony slots in a remaster or remake of the legend in the near future.