Deadpool Cheat Codes Using PC Trainer

Deadpool Cheat Codes Using PC Trainer

Game cheats are fast gaining popularity in gaming industry. With this realization, some game developers and publishers are slowly learning to embrace this change in order to safeguard the interest and experience of their game. One such publisher is Activision.

For their game, Deadpool, the publishers have provided a free PC trainer that allows players cheat in the game by activating up to six different cheat codes.

Despite the awesomeness of this tool, it is important to note that this trainer account only works for PC versions of video games. This is not all. Since the Deadpool trainer account was tested on v1.0 means that it might crash on other non-compatible versions of video games. Ensure therefore that you check and ensure that your PC is compatible to your trainer in order to avoid game crashes.

It’s important also to be informed that when using your trainer account to cheat through unlimited health status and increase your DP points you might encounter problems. The most common complication that usually arises is that some antivirus programs usually recognize the trainer as a threat hence blocking it from accessing the PC.

Deadpool PC Trainer

All Deadpool cheats and codes for PC can be activated with the free trainer provided by but first you’ll need to download, install and run the program in your Deadpool game. The following is how to do so.

  • Download Deadpool trainer for PC, from
  • Unpack the files included in deadpool_v1.0_trn+6.rar
  • Move or copy the files to the games directory
  • Run the trainer followed by the game
  • Once the game loads and the trainer loads in the background, activate the Deadpool cheat code by pressing the following PC keys.

F1 – Unlimited ammo

F2 – Unlimited health (God Mode)

F3 – One hit kills

F4 – Infinite DP (Deadpool Points)

F5 – Super jump

F6 – Flying On/Off